Sunday, February 04, 2007

something is going around

i don't know if anyone else is sick from your kids but i got something cole got at school.. cole is never sick.. he missed 2 days of school this week.. cole doesn't miss 2 days of school all year.. so i got what he got.. it started with the body ache, runny nose, soar throat, and then a cough.. a cough i can't get rid of.. my chest hurts from coughing so much..

then my puter is messing up.. seems like everything is messing up on us.. our new tv won't show some of the channels so david is worried.. men and there tv's.. we got a new lcd tv last week.. ever since me and david have been married he has wanted one so we got one last week.. he was really excited about it.. it isn't the big one he wanted but it fits good in the living room.. i really don't think the bigger tvs are always the best.. but i told him later we might get a bigger one someday..

i am going to see my mom the end of this month.. i am really excited.. really excited.. looking forward to seeing the twins too.. jen is getting there she should be having them anytime now.. can't wait.

grandma is back in the hospital.. but it seems like she will be doing better soon.. i haven't seen her in a week.. i just dont want her to get this bug we all have.. so it has been killing me to see her.. i know she needs my support and help but being sick is not what she needs right now.. please keep her in your prayers..

okay gotta run..

later dawgs