Saturday, May 26, 2007

sorry not posting in a while

I have had morning sickness all day for a couple of weeks.. i am hoping it is gone. it does look like david has it now too.. pretty funny to me.. we went and got a ultrasound and it was an okay pic but not really nothing but fuzz..

school is out now and jameson isn't going to daycare anymore.. i am really looking forward to spending some time with cole and jameson and hopefully feeling well enough to accomplish some things during the summer.. i am going to work on the days david is off so still working a little..

i have done a few layouts but nothing to show.. i just haven't had the mojo to do anything buy lay down from being nauseous all the hoping i can get somethings done with some photos.. and start a pregnancy one also..

hope everyone has a great memorial day.. i would love to go to the beach but i just can't with the meds i am taking so waiting till that gets out of my system to get out in the sun..

later dawgs