Sunday, April 27, 2008

Strawberry Patch

Last week Jameson had a field trip to the strawberry patch.. and it was freezing.. can you believe this weather.. Christy went with me too.. The kids kind of picked some strawberries but we could not enjoy them because it was so cold.. we left fairly quick.. i only picked a few to make pie with.. Ivy slept the whole time.. thank goodness she really didn't need to be in the cold weather.. Jameson loves strawberries so that is a good thing.. when we were leaving she wanted to eat some so i got some really cute pictures with stawberry juice all of her face.. and by the way those are the best strawberries i have ever eaten.. so sweet and juicy..

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Pierced ears

Ivy got her ears pierced last weekend.. and boy was it not easy being momma.. Lillian came, she had gotten Ivy earrings for christmas so i thought it was very important that she was there.. She looked so pretty in that green and green hat too.. Ivy was not happy afterwards and neither was I.. It is not easy watching your child hurt from anything.. especially when they are that small.. so now they are in and everything is fine with her ears.. Jameson she even got upset when Ivy got her ears pierced..

Saturday, April 12, 2008

its the weekend..

well David is working 13 days straight so i will be home most of the week with the kids. Tuesday we go to the strawberry patch.. and it is suppose to be cold.. i hope there are still strawberries to pick .. then on thursday ivy gets her 3 month old photos taken and then ivy and jameson are going to the doctor.. jameson gets her shots (shhhh don't tell her) and ivy gets her check up for the month.. so hoping i get some layouts done.. i ordered alot of scrapbook supplies and should be getting those monday or tuesday.. had to get 2 albums cole doesn't have this year album yet and i already have layouts that need to be in the albums.. it is so hard to find a album for a boy.. so got something i can mess around on and do my own design on the front.. and the new baby line which is called animal crackers by making memories.. my favorite... all the stores around me are closing so i am having to order everything online now.. and the one that is the closest is an hour or so away.. so it is cheaper to order on line than to drive.. and i don't have to worry about the kids either..

okay posting layouts today..Pat you have already seen them.. thanks for all your wonderful comments.. i love them.. and love your blog too..

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

a new haircut

Yesterday Cole and Jameson got haircuts.. finally.. jameson cut her hair herself and i tried to fix the front.. not good.. took them to tina yesterday and cole got the regular hair cut and jameson got well a cut off.. afterwards we went to the park.. will post more photos tomorrow or sometime this week.. and one of Ivy.. my little cupcake...

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

very hectic around my house

Geez have i had a week.. jameson has been sick and i think Ivy is getting something also.. and i think she is getting a tooth cause she sure is drooling everywhere and now her nose is runny.. cole has had a soar throat and all this allergy stuff.. and usually cole is the only one that isn't ever sick.. oh and did i say it was spring break too.. and inventory for david.. and we don't see him at all till all the madness is over with.. so most of the time i am so exhausted i don't want to blog.. i am adding some pics though.. i know Rachael and Wendy appreciate the updates.. oh and i have a new babysitter... my dog Reagan.. this is what she likes to do when Ivy is sleeping.. we also have a new family the geese are have babies goslings.. they are so cute under the pecan orchard.. every day they go under the pecans and walk around with the goslings there are 4 of them.. and we sit in the kitchen window and watch them through the binoculars.. cole gets a big kick out of watching them play in the grass while the momma and daddy are the protectors.. we closed the gate so the cows would not bother them.. and i think there are going to be more in a couple of days.. some of the other geese are bedding.. spring had arrived here..

will post some more photos this week sometime..