Thursday, November 27, 2008


Today is Thanksgiving and I am so thankful to be spending it with my family.

So thankful for
God he blesses us with so many gifts
Family especially David and our children.
Good Health
and also our Church. So many blessing this year..

Happy Thanksgiving.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Happy Birthday to David. It was on Monday. I made him his favorite cake Red Velvet on Sunday. Very delicious. He got the normal stuff.. Clothes.. what is there to get for a man that doesn't want anything? It is very hard. We celebrated Sunday night at Richard and Lillians. Very Delicious dinner.

I am totally swamped..
what was i thinking taking on so many projects at one time?
i finished some of them. I am getting pretty excited about going to Athens for Thanksgiving. I have also started a store at I haven't opened it yet because i don't have anything yet to add. i think after Christmas i will have plenty of things in there. If you have never been to Etsy it is a cool place to purchase things for Christmas and it is also helpful for the sellers too. I try to buy things for gifts there.

Here is some of my newest stuff. Some of it i can't show.. so will have to show them after Christmas.

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Friday, November 14, 2008

Tip Junkie is having a 12 Days of Junkie where there will be 2 winners announced each day for the next 12 days!
Tip Junkie
It's to help promote the women who are selling their products in the Mom-preneur Shop-a-thon. So be sure to head on over to Tip Junkie and enter the contest and check out all the amazing gift-giving possibilities in the shop-a-thon!

I love this place.. i just found it a couple of weeks.. has some great ideas and places to buy unique gifts..
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Sunday, November 09, 2008


I have been busy.. I entered my hat into the Guest design team for December at
The Mosy Scrapper and i got it.. And i think Christa lives in Florida so i got my kit and went to work. Finish one layout today and working on some other things. I have about 5 projects going on right now. And so here is some finished stuff i can show you all..

Half Pint is what David calls Ivy.. very sweet

this is a shadow box that i did for The Mosy Scrapper.. the week #4 challenge.
it isn't the best photo because of the plastic on the cover.. you can open it to look at all the goodies.. a lot of glitter that you don't see.. like on the trees and the smoke..

okay i think that will do it for today.. i haven't posted any layouts in a while..So for those that don't enjoy that please excuse this post.

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Wednesday, November 05, 2008


the day after..
I voted last Thursday so i would not have to worry about leaving work early. I felt really good about voting too. I have a friend at work, she is 50 yrs old and has never used her civic right to vote. I was so happy that she did take the time to register to vote and voted yesterday. I am looking forward to seeing what changes do happen. I am going to be praying for him. He will need our prayers more than ever.

i didn't post any photos because i have been pretty busy..
the lose of my precious Bulldogs losing to the gators
Family photos taken
and i had to work monday and tuesday
so i am catching up

pictures from Halloween. We went to Lynn's HUGE Halloween party. We first took a hayride Trick or Treating. I am not going to upload those pics because there are other children in the photo. Then we had hotdogs and a little fun before we had to go home because David had to go to work. Lynn always has the neatest stuff for her parties.

Monday, November 03, 2008

i forgot to add Jenny's flickr page also
there is more photos on there too.. didn't find that until i got home and checked her flickr page
Jenny's flickr site
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yesterday we had Jenny come out to the house to take some christmas photos of the kids and the burns family. i just can't wait to see what they look like...
so here is a little taste of some of what jenny took yesterday on her new blog
Jennys BLog

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