Tuesday, October 28, 2008


a few pictures from yesterday.. Cole will be a skeleton Friday so this isn't the costume he is wearing. I thought i should get some of him in his Knight outfit. Yesterday we went to Lillian's (mother in law) work they had a trick or treat at the college. The kids had lots of fun. Although Jameson was mad because she couldn't get any candy until she got home. So the pictures of her aren't so good. David has been sick and i think Ivy is getting sick also. This cold weather isn't helping either.
Tonight we are going to church. I hope to get some nice photos.. Not sure if i will. It gets pretty hectic when in the bishop comes.

Have a nice Tuesday and stay warm.. brrr.....

Sunday, October 26, 2008


this week is going to be busy..The Bishop is coming to welcome Father Lee into our church as our new priest.. so we will be there on Tuesday. Thursdays is Mr Johns retirement party. Friday Halloween. going to Lynn's house for her party and trick or treat.. Lynn goes all out so it is always a fun time. Saturday the BIG game Georgia vs Florida.. we are going to dads house to watch the game have oysters.. yum.. Sunday Jenny is coming over to take family pictures.. i know i am missing something for this week..

Here are some cute photos of the girls in there costumes. Jameson couldn't take a photo with Ivy.. and Cole is gone to his dads for the weekend. I will take more during the week with Cole..

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Saturday, October 25, 2008


Wishing My dad a happy birthday today..
and hoping we kick some butt today..

i finished some layouts that have been on my table a while.. still have 2 more that i am stuck on.. but they will come..
i also made some tags for my sweetie. they are for mosy scrapper 12 weeks of Christmas challenge really love this idea.. and this week was very hard challenge for me.. i don't usually do tags.. and not to much vintage either. but i found the button with the little boy in the closet and the key too...and the rest i made.. very fun..
this week is going to be one crazy week.. and Lillian (mother in law) got Ivy a cute little kitty cat outfit. so i am hoping the weather tomorrow is nice so i can get the kitty out and the princess to take some photos.. Cole is at his dads house this weekend so will have to get his and the girls sometime this week... he is a Knight in shining armor.. looks very handsome..
for the ones that like looking at my stuff here it is..

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Thursday, October 23, 2008


I just found out i got Inspiration of the week over at mosy scrapper blog what an honor. Thanks so much..

It is getting windy and cold here and i like it.. I think we kind of made a fool of ourselves yesterday though. Tuesday David called the gas company to come and see what was going on with the heat.. They came out yesterday to see what the problem was.. we couldn't keep the gas on and he got out went to the gas tank and turned the knob outside. then came inside said "okay, what's the problem" i said "the gas won't stay on" and he turned it up higher and what do you know the gas stayed on.. all he had to do was turn the gas on outside. I think David turned the gas off tuesday and thought he was turning it on. Too funny..

staying busy with the new website.. so glad people enjoy it..

have a nice fall day everyone

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008


sorry i have been mia for a while.. i have been helping my new friend Amy out on this new website we have been working on..It is called chasing memories it is a resource website for us scrapbookers.. you can also post your layouts there too.. and it is so cute.. Amy has done a great job designing and help from me and Robin too.. so you will "see" me there most of the time.. will also have my layouts there too.. so check it out..

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Friday, October 17, 2008



Link your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
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Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

1. i just got my hair cut very short..

2. i drink a pot of coffee every morning

3. i love to cook for people

4. i am lovin TI's new song.. yeah he is rap Whatever you like..

5. i am a homebody, staying in my PJ's all day is great

6. i can't sing and won't sing in church.. i don't want to embarrass myself (Sorry) i just don't have a joyful noise.. i would rather listen to others that have a beautiful voice

7.. my favorite movie right now is Atonement.. love those kinds of movies..

okay i am going to tag my new friend Amy... she has some great ideas on her blog so check it out ... great techniques.. cool girl too


have a great TGIF..

Thursday, October 16, 2008


for those who asked here are the cows..they aren't ours but we really do enjoy watching them.. this past month there has been a lot of calves born.. and in the morning they love to buck and play around with each other.. yesterday they were curious and came up to us.. they never come this close.. we enjoyed it though. rainbow scared them away.. i just can't believe a little dog like her is so vicious.. very funny to watch..
Jameson the cowgirl (including the boots) and Cole up on the playground scared of the cows.. we will call him cowboy Cole too..

i will post a layout tomorrow and more photos i took..

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I forgot to post these cute photos of the kids getting our dogs blessed.. they were just so excited....
So they were blessed by our new priest Father Lee..
what a fun experience for the kids..

Sunday, October 12, 2008

forgot to add this to this post for today.. i made this for the one little word blog i am in love with this layout.. and i also used it for the color combo challenge blog i really have never used these colors together and found them so pretty in the photo that i had to use this photo with that challenge.. and i am really inspired by One little word..



Happy Birthday Wendy.. love you so much..
had a great time with her yesterday watching the game..

some of my friends ask me how i organize my ribbon well here are some photos..
very easy way to keep colors together and i can put them in a cd holder case that is pretty.. and the ribbon that is on the spools.. so this is what i use for the loose ribbon that i buy by the yard..

Friday, October 10, 2008


well with all that out of me yesterday i did 2 layouts that i finished.. pretty happy about these.. i can always put paper together it is the elements and the design that gets me.. just taking it day by day with this.. still haven't finished the ones undone yet.. i might never.. and that is not normal to me..
i am getting some kits in so i will get it back i know.. especially when my polka dot kit comes in.. i get a lot of inspiration from her kits and scarlet lime.. i think my scarlet lime will be here later this month.. i don't go to my scrapbook store much anymore because i get kits now.. and it is great.. i order most of my stuff online now because it is such a hassle to go to the scrapbook store in savannah.. so i save a lot of money that way.. and i get the newest stuff too..

this layout of me and dad is for a challenge at mosy scrapper i am really enjoying this website.. love all the challenges and the people are very nice and funny... which is a great combo..and they have a online crop, so if you haven't checked it out go check it out.. won't hurt..
have a great Friday everyone.

Thursday, October 09, 2008


do you ever get discouraged?
well i am right now.. i have 4 layouts undone.. half done.. and i am very discouraged.. i just don't have the mojo to finish them.. i go blank.. and i am realizing that i feel let down.. and i need to go back and understand that i do this to get my creative ideas out.. i do scrapbook because i want my children and there children to have these memories..
so i need to reorganize my room or something to get back to where i was.. where i want to be and not blank.. my friend Kim sent me an email and explained why i am feeling this way and i didn't realize it until that email.. what a "wow" moment for me.. i know there are good things to come in my future but right now i am having a pretty hard time understanding that..

and i know that David is going through the same thing with his job he can't get promoted... he is the top manager and he is also discouraged.. wish he could take a vacation but that isn't happening until after Christmas..

does anyone else feel discouraged?

Monday, October 06, 2008


i am posting my halloween mini album i did from a kit i purchased polka dot whimsy i really love these kits she has every month.. i made it just the way she had it on the website.. and the main kit i made that one the same way..

the other 2 layouts i just got inspired from some sketch sites.. and i have one of Cole but i am stuck.. so will post that one when i can get unstuck..

have a great monday..

Sunday, October 05, 2008


i have been updating this blog.. think the cupcakes are a little old now.. fall is here so why not.. i haven't had much sleep the last couple of days.. so making this short and wanted to add i found this cool message board that opened this weekend.. some people find those big message boards a little intimidating so if you want to visit come over to a page at a time met some wonderful people already there.

also i think i might leave with Cole's project he did this week. he worked really hard on it.. it is a Hobi's home.. he chose the hardest project for his class.. we are very proud of the time he took into making it the best.. he took these pictures..

later everyone

Saturday, October 04, 2008


Today we are taking our dogs Reagan and Rainbow to our church to be blessed.. Rainbow is our newest dog.. someone dumped her off at Richard and Lillian's home (my in laws) and she followed us to the road we stopped she jumped in the car and now she is ours.. i think Jameson and Gracie named her rainbow if i am not mistaken.. She barks all night at the cows and other things that are in the yard.. and Reagan doesn't really like her either.. I think it is the power thing with Reagan though.. funny how dogs react to each other..

Today is also Odum Day.. not really up to going though.. i really just want to relax at home.. on saturdays i am usually getting ready for the game and this week we have a week off so i really just want to take it easy today..

Ivy is teething like crazy.. the drool, the up all nights are really getting to me.. thank goodness my job is slowing down so i can take one of the days off and rest..
Also her are some photos of my current layouts.. i just got back lots of the wedding photos.. dying to do some.. oh so want to do some.. i have got some ideas in my head of some of the layouts i want to do from the wedding..i am also taking another class GET IT SCRAPPED some really cute projects for Halloween.. think i might make some for a friend of mine that loves Halloween.. and some ideas for school treats for the holidays...

have a great weekend..

Friday, October 03, 2008


here are some other layouts i did in the last week or two..

i want to start on some projects for christmas gifts so things might be slow here.. i did make a few mini albums i need to take photos of.. a halloween one and a summer 07 one.. and i made a halloween banner for inside and a georgia wreath that is hanging on my door..

have a great friday..

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


i am in such trouble with this book

if you are a reader.. this is a must read.. going to order the next book so i don't go insane when i finish with this one..
love story and vampires.. can't go wrong.. and if you like vampire stuff.. also true blood on hbo is pretty good too.. not as good as this book though.

I also got a honorable mention at this website
Little red scrapbook very honored to be even on the list.. i was shocked to see my name..

Happy October..