Thursday, October 09, 2008


do you ever get discouraged?
well i am right now.. i have 4 layouts undone.. half done.. and i am very discouraged.. i just don't have the mojo to finish them.. i go blank.. and i am realizing that i feel let down.. and i need to go back and understand that i do this to get my creative ideas out.. i do scrapbook because i want my children and there children to have these memories..
so i need to reorganize my room or something to get back to where i was.. where i want to be and not blank.. my friend Kim sent me an email and explained why i am feeling this way and i didn't realize it until that email.. what a "wow" moment for me.. i know there are good things to come in my future but right now i am having a pretty hard time understanding that..

and i know that David is going through the same thing with his job he can't get promoted... he is the top manager and he is also discouraged.. wish he could take a vacation but that isn't happening until after Christmas..

does anyone else feel discouraged?


Sarah C. said...

Quite often. And I have a lot of those frustrating scrapping moments too. It really bugs me when I have the time and desire to scrap & scrap but no ideas or mojo. Just set those LOs aside and do something else. Maybe even surf around online and look at other people's work for a bit of inspiration. Doodle. Go play a game with your kids. I find once I stop stressing and put my mind on something else, the ideas start flowing again. :)

Hope you have a wonderful Thursday!

sandy said...

tonya do your wedding photos using red,black &white backgrounds, or beachy back grounds w/ wedding pics.... use,black,white dots,stripes,solids or whatever, you have it...just some thoughts...go look @jenny's sight @what she dis to the pic of jameson n the bubbles...luv u sandy

Amy W. said...

i've soooo been there, more than usual these days. i know it doesn't help that i am a sahm either. just had a convo with hubby the other night about it. life affects your ability to express yourself in art...or whatever. i call it a 'rut' and i'm working my way out of one right now. i've made a new schedule, working out, made it a point to be more social outside the house. lol (not sure if you can relate but wanted you to know that you are not alone). i too have a ziplock type holder of layouts that have never been finished due to these feelings in the past. they kind of haunt me so i need to go through them and either rip off the pics and start fresh or try to salvage them. best of luck to you, keep your chin up! :)