Sunday, August 31, 2008


this is going to be a crazy week for me.. or this weekend will be very busy for me. hope i have time to do anything this week. we are suppose to go to the beach tomorrow.. really concerned if we should go or not since all this stuff with the hurricane coming.. although it would be the atlantic ocean we still get alot of wind and rain. so hope everyone has a happy labor day..

here is some layouts i done this weekend..

Saturday, August 30, 2008


Happy Birthday Lillian..
love you to the moon and back..
so glad things are really getting better for her.. she is getting her energy back and her hair is just growing and so beautiful..
i will post tomorrow the special gift for her.

also it is finally COLLEGE FOOTBALL SEASON!!! ahhh. the smell of wings on saturday.. can't wait till next weekend when we will have saturday get togethers to watch the game..

Friday, August 29, 2008


Last year grandpa gave me some photos of him and grandma when they were "younger". and i went to walmart and scanned them and got them and got some copies of them.. well i am finally getting around to one of them i have had in my head forever.. the idea of doing this photo has been bothering me for so so long. now i did it.. and i am so happy i took all night to do this.. yeah it took me quite a while to do this layout.. and i can't wait to show my grandpa what i did with this photo. here is my grandpa James Strickland i think right before he went into the Navy. i have one of my grandma that i am chewing at the bit to do.. that will be next on my agenda..

So what do you think? Think i made my grandpa proud?

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Did this layout for the got sketches 102.. love these photos of cole reading to the girls. Ivy and Jameson are both in love with there big brother. So anything he does with them they are in ahh of him.

Name three things you are grateful for.
1 my God
2 family and friends
3 to be healthy

so many things to be grateful for but these are always my top 3.
Feeling better today.. just taking motrin for the pain. hoping it will ease off.
Things are going to be crazy for me next week. very crazy..
and then the 12th is mine and davids 5th anniversary.. hoping we can do something alone to celebrate.. planning on going to dinner somewhere

not to long till saturday.. and it won't be on tv.. pretty bummed..

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


i just feel like BLAh today.. don't want to do anything.. and my hip has been giving me trouble.. i feel a couple of weeks ago.. still feeling pain from that fall.. thinking i need to call the dr to see what is going on.. Ivy is pulling up on everything.. then she gets mad because she can't sit down.. pretty funny.
Cole and Jameson are loving school... Cole really likes his teachers this year.. and Jameson's teachers are awesome.. i really like both of them a lot.. but i really don't look forward to Mondays with her, she holds on to my leg for dear life.. and then by Wednesday she just walks in her class like a big girl.

the yard is such a mess limbs down the grass is so high.. we can't cut the grass because the ground is so wet.. it is really driving me and david crazy.. we really hate for the yard to look bad..

the UGA dawgs play this weekend but it is pay per view.. uh can't get it here don't have a cable box and i just think that is crazy.. so going to listen to it on the radio.. pretty bummed about that..


Saturday, August 23, 2008



For all of those scrapbook savy girls out there check this website out
Peachy Cheap i bought one of those ATC racks yesterday for way cheap. I am going to do what Christy Tomlinson is going to do and make a holiday ATC.. I think i will use it to have my Advent calendar for the kids. If it comes out like i want it i think i might make Lillian one.. The holder is so pretty itself.. i think i am going to change it out for different holidays.

Friday, August 22, 2008

8-22-08 yeah posting again

had to put this on my blog for the Pink Sketches blog really loving there first sketch..
it is raining like crazy here.. so posting this before the bad stuff comes..
this weekend we will probably be swimming out of the water.. we need the rain so bad..
not sure if the pond will overflow just can't see it from the kitchen window.. rain is in the way..
i picked up the pictures from the first day of school so planning on doing some layouts on those..
i also made this cool accordion that i put on my mantel in the scrapbook room.. love it there.. i really don't like to copy things but i just couldn't help how adorable it looked.
Cole is going to his dads this weekend.. his dad is going to Afghanistan next summer and is going to training for a couple of weeks so i know he will be going there as much as he can.. so Jameson is a little upset but she will be fine.. i just promised her i would pick her up from school today.. so she is happy now.

Ivy is pulling up and standing a little.. won't be long till she is walking.. she slept pretty good last night in her crib.. she is a very light sleeper.. i have to tip toe to check on her and then the floor cracks and she wakes up.. i just have to walk away..

going to show you my accordion album.. it is from a kit i get monthly so i just copied what the instructions said and here it is.. i just love it..

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


i got the girls there dresses for Jesse and Danielles wedding.. oh so pretty.
took some photos of IVy in hers yesterday but don't think i will post them until i get the okay
from Dani..

been trying to get Ivy to sleep in her crib this week.. she doesn't like her crib.. too far away from Mommy.. i just can't take it any longer with her in my bed or in my room.. she really needs to learn that it is okay to be in her bed.. so alot of crying last night.. then david couldn't take it so he took her out of the bed and held her until she went to sleep.. then put her back in the crib.. cried soon as she hit the crib.. my body and bones can't take it any longer with her beside me in the bed.. and i don't rest because i worry i will roll over her because she loves to sleep right under me.. i think it is because i nursed her and she find comfort next to me.. so last night went okay but found her in the bed with us this morning, softy brought her in our room last night.. Softy is what i call david..

so tonight david will be at work and i can work on getting her to sleep in her crib tonight.. YEAH!!!

okay here is a layout i recently did..

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


we all have been sick since last week.. seems like we have been sick forever..
waiting to find out what happens with Faye.. says it is going back into the ocean Atlantic not sure from there though..

some layouts
Corn on the Cob... she can gnaw the h*ll out of some corn..
beach sand love the cute crab..
piece of childhood.. remembering things and documenting them is something i really need to do with my childhood.. just wish i had the photos to do so..
thinking of doing some other things that mean alot to me..
and that i have to keep boxed up because of KIDS

Monday, August 18, 2008


i got a nice comment from my friend Pat on her blog.. wow what an amzing person she is.. i have gotten to know her through 2peas through the years.. she is very talented too.

The purpose of this award is "to send love and acknowledgment to women who brighten your day, teach you new things and live their lives fully with generosity and joy". You can send it to one person or 100 - the choice is up to you.

So my choice is
KIM i adore this woman.. we have a lot of the same likes.. one day i am traveling to go meet her and Pat.. i just love her layouts and her art.. so hers to you Kim for being someone that i really cherish as a friend.

I would also give this award to my best friend Christy.. she knows how important she is to me and my family.. love you girl..

Thursday, August 14, 2008


first day of school and i am exhausted..
been up since 4 this morning with Ivy.. thank goodness she has a dr appointment today.. went and there is nothing she can take.. just some pedilite.. she is so exhausted and just won't sleep.. runny nose and vomiting and the messy diapers.. so much for the first day of school celebrations..
so posting some photos of the kids..

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


trying to get stuff ready for school.. starts tomorrow.. tonight is open house and so we are going to meet coles teacher.. jameson and i already went to her school and met her teacher so we don't have to rush to one school and to the other one.. which is a relief.. Ivy is sick running a fever and vomitting today... and tomorrow she is suppose to get her shots.. not sure if they will with a fever.. and she is finally resting. .. tomorrow i will post photos of the kids and there first day.. hopefully!!..

i have been staying up way to late to watch the Olympics.. geez is that addictive.. i think there aren't to many more of these nights.. since Micheal Phelps and the gymnastics are close to being over.. well not the gymnastics the individuals are coming up.. but man this is so exciting to watch.. and i am amazed at how he swims.. just so beautiful to watch

okay some layouts

Sunday, August 10, 2008


ivy loves some spaghetti.. so had to post these of her eating.. she doesn't like us to feed her she would rather feed herself.. can't wait till she can use a spoon..

4 more days until school starts.. i just can't wait..
sometime this week i will post some layouts and thursday i will post pictures of the kids i hope..

Thursday, August 07, 2008


did these layouts last week.. i lost my mojo.. i am just so tired.. getting the kids ready for school.. Jameson and i went and met her teacher today.. she seems very nice.. jameson was acting a little shy though.. hope things change with that..
i ordered Jameson and Ivy dresses for danielles wedding.. jameson is in the wedding but i went ahead and got ivy the same dress.. when you have girls there is something about dressing them alike.. and the age and size difference makes that very had to do.. they are very pretty.. getting giddy inside just can't wait..
it is very hot here too hot to do much of anything but stand or sit in front of the AC..
tomorrow going to Savannah to see what else to get for Jameson.. i didn't get her much for school cloths so hope i can find some cool dresses to wear..
okay have a great day everyone..
and if you did look at the UTube video in the last post them please look at it.. please..

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

you gottA SEE THIS

please take 5 minutes to watch this...PLEASE
and pass this one on to others..
i think we all should appreciate the little things in life more..


Sunday, August 03, 2008


Cole is gone for the week.. pretty sad around here with out him.. but we will find something to do just us girls this week.. here are some photos from last week when the kids were playing in the water on the slide.. and one of Ivy crawling.. yeah we got the spirit for College football.. go dawgs..