Thursday, August 07, 2008


did these layouts last week.. i lost my mojo.. i am just so tired.. getting the kids ready for school.. Jameson and i went and met her teacher today.. she seems very nice.. jameson was acting a little shy though.. hope things change with that..
i ordered Jameson and Ivy dresses for danielles wedding.. jameson is in the wedding but i went ahead and got ivy the same dress.. when you have girls there is something about dressing them alike.. and the age and size difference makes that very had to do.. they are very pretty.. getting giddy inside just can't wait..
it is very hot here too hot to do much of anything but stand or sit in front of the AC..
tomorrow going to Savannah to see what else to get for Jameson.. i didn't get her much for school cloths so hope i can find some cool dresses to wear..
okay have a great day everyone..
and if you did look at the UTube video in the last post them please look at it.. please..

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