Wednesday, November 29, 2006

getting into the season

got back from athens and have been busy ever since.. trying to get back into work and everything else.. i usually get a chance to go online every night but this is the first time i have been able to.. we had a great time at grandma and grandpa's.. life seems so simple to me when i get around them.. how important things mean.. i hate to do anything when i am there.. i just want to take everything that is going on with them in.. just sit there on the bar stool and listen to all the things grandma says and what she is cooking.. this year we did not have the turkey thanksgiving we had a low country boil.. it was okay but i really missed turkey and the dressing.. don't think i will do that again.. i missed being with davids family alot.. but i just felt i needed to be in athens.. we ate at carols outside.. just didn't seem like thanksgiving to me, but i was with my family.. and yes i have alot to be thankful for and being there was one thing i was especially thankful for..

i went shopping the next morning, left grandmas at 4 in the morning so i could get that tv for cole.. and i got it.. got some other things and got alot of gifts for family.. i got a little more to go but not to long and everything will be under the tree.. i can say that everything is wrapped but not under the tree yet.. we are getting our tree tomorrow and the kids christmas pictures will be taken.. so looking forward to the smells of christmas when we get the tree.. have i said how much i love christmas?? LOVE IT!!!!

and the dawgs won.. so excited.. we did come back after all.. i just never give up on them..


Saturday, November 18, 2006

happy birthday david..

yesterday was a great day for me.. why not sure.. just an inspirational day with someone i truely cherish in my life..i took away something so pure from that moment.. i took away the idea that i am truely loved.. truely in all aspects of the way.. and that there is so much in a person you never know about.. so many memories you haven't spoken of in a very long time.. things you forget to speak about or even think about because they aren't very good memories to you... so i thank you for that.. and you know who you are... i truely loved it and need more of it.. those days i cherish with everything i have.. the moments when i know that i am not ignored.. made me feel good all day.. i mean truely refreshed like a great pedicure or a great thanks..

so more and more i get excited about the holidays.. i get to spend time with my family and eat.. and tonight david and i are going out to eat with my dad.. and i am thrilled about that.. i LOVE spending time with any of my family and especially my dad.. sorry girls.. but yeah i enjoy it.. and if you can get a chance to spend time with him you better do it then cause you might not see him for a couple of weeks.. he is so busy working and doing the single life..

i was told i go all out for christmas.. well yeah i do.. or i try to. i am like a kid at the candy store just waiting for christmas morning to come.. right now i am itching to get the christmas tree.. i just can't wait... can't wait.... i used to go to meme's house to put up all her trees cause i loved it so much.. decorating, trimming the tree, wrapping presents... wondering what goodies i got.. meme by the way has a tree in every room of her house.. and she needed my help and i really enjoyed it.. i even used to work at her christmas shoppe a long time ago so i could decorate around the year.. do i have a problem? so yeah i am getting excited about decorating everything.. and jameson is also getting to the age where she is going to enjoy it more and more... so i am going to athens and hopefuly go to commerce so i can go to the BIG craft store there and get goodies for the house.. the pottery.. used to go for christmas with sandy when i was young so it is your fault sandy .... not going to decorate before thanksgiving i just don't think that thanksgiving gets enough credit... so waiting and waiting... and waiting..

and yesterday was my honeys birthday ... yeah another year... he doesn't take his birthday very important at all.. but hey I DO!!!!! i look forward to mine... i guess that is from not having one for so long..



Thursday, November 09, 2006

christmas ideas for the kids

so i thought i might post some ideas for the kids here... people have been asking what to get the kids for christmas so i will make some kind of list..

cole he likes legos right now and i did get him the pirates of the carribean legos.. he likes those video games you connect to your tv... he loves movies.. and yes still likes john deere..
they both like play dough and it doesn't take long for that to be gone.. and i do have a table they can leave it out so it dries up when they don't put it up. that is why it goes pretty fast.. cole is reading now and he loves to read books to you.. i know that sounds cheesey but it is true he loves to whatever he can to you.. the kids like to dress up into costumes too.. especially cole he has put that pirate costume on a million times.. he likes to play football and baseball...

jameson likes dolls.. she likes to draw and color... books on bugs or anything with animals..her favorite movies are bambi and the little mermaid so if there is anything like that she really likes those characters..her and cole are pretty happy with just about anything.. the simple things they like..

just some ideas.. i am going to ask cole what he really wants also.. he will let me know what he wants also..

Thursday, November 02, 2006

pumpkin patch

i got up this morning at 3 in the morning by the sounds of "mama".... got her back to sleep but couldn't get myself back to sleep.. maybe it is because echo is gone from LOST or i was really excited about going to the pumpkin patch... not sure...
got some really good photos of jameson...and the cute one of david too.. i had so many i couldn't afford to get them one hour.. so will get them on saturday..

just one more lost episode before the long break..... sorry but i am a totally loving lost... and there will be nothing on i love more than lost for a while... it comes back in feburary.. what to do... i asked david for xmas that i wanted the season 1 and season 2 of lost or a dvr so i can record and go back to see what i missed in the show.. there is always something you miss the first time..

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

happy halloween and happy birthday rachael

so much going on .. cole came home sick, halloween parade, work, dinner, getting something to put candy in... and rachael's birthday.. so happy birthday rachael...

posting some quick photos before LOST comes on tonight.. then tomorrow is the pumpking patch.. can't wait.. i have been working so hard lately i am looking forward to a little hayride... and a pumpkin too... it should be fun....
cole has the funny skull teeth in.. they look really gross.. cole is jack sparrow. and jameson is little red riding hood.. ..can't wait to scrapbook these..