Wednesday, November 29, 2006

getting into the season

got back from athens and have been busy ever since.. trying to get back into work and everything else.. i usually get a chance to go online every night but this is the first time i have been able to.. we had a great time at grandma and grandpa's.. life seems so simple to me when i get around them.. how important things mean.. i hate to do anything when i am there.. i just want to take everything that is going on with them in.. just sit there on the bar stool and listen to all the things grandma says and what she is cooking.. this year we did not have the turkey thanksgiving we had a low country boil.. it was okay but i really missed turkey and the dressing.. don't think i will do that again.. i missed being with davids family alot.. but i just felt i needed to be in athens.. we ate at carols outside.. just didn't seem like thanksgiving to me, but i was with my family.. and yes i have alot to be thankful for and being there was one thing i was especially thankful for..

i went shopping the next morning, left grandmas at 4 in the morning so i could get that tv for cole.. and i got it.. got some other things and got alot of gifts for family.. i got a little more to go but not to long and everything will be under the tree.. i can say that everything is wrapped but not under the tree yet.. we are getting our tree tomorrow and the kids christmas pictures will be taken.. so looking forward to the smells of christmas when we get the tree.. have i said how much i love christmas?? LOVE IT!!!!

and the dawgs won.. so excited.. we did come back after all.. i just never give up on them..


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