Saturday, July 29, 2006

my dsl is down

i really hate bellsouths help line.. really i do and my father in law works for bellsouth..there help line is awful..i mean awful.. they are in pakastan? and they are talking english when you can't even understand them...what is going on with this country when we can't hire americans to run an american company..and then you get your bill and you wonder what is wrong with this?? you would think they could hire and pay someone well since they charge us a arm and a leg for a phone and then right now i am using dial up.. i hate it really badly.. i am so spoiled from dsl..i really wish comcast had there dsl where i live cause i would be getting i don't have to talk to the pakastainian?.. the reason why my dsl is not working is because we had a really bad storm yesterday and it really messed up my dsl.. coles tv (not working) and my coffee favorite coffee pot...well it works but the timer isn't...i know i went to mcdonalds last night to get something to eat and the texaco sign was gone..thinking the wind tore it down...

when in athens there was a really bad storm there on friday night when we got cousin bryan's house blew done some really old trees in his the way that house was my great grandmothers house they built it and i am thinking they probably planted those summer storms are not be careful out there people...

well david is back to life...haven't seen him in days it seems like..i was sick and then he got sick and has been in the bed for days...i even slept on the couch so i would not get sick again...and plus he was everywhere in the bed.. he gets that way when he is sick and taking all those sleeping meds...

so found out last night i am going to be an aunt twice...yes james and jennifer are having twins...all i can say is thank god that isn't me!!!thank god!!! so can't wait to find out what the sex is... babies are such fun... so i will post pictures when i get my dsl back on.. so sorry for not posting pics...

see ya later dawgs!!!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

some updates

have been a little busy lately...had a yard sale saturday and that went okay...think i might have another one soon...before the cruise..then had to clean the yard sale up so i could go to athens..had a good time with the this is a pic of jameson on grandpas back riding horsee..that is her new thing now..she likes to ride horsee..i couldn't believe grandpa let her ride on his back..he is 73 years old and in great health..guess that strickland blood is ageless..i was trying to tell grandma that i didn't know her age cause to me they are ageless..

and i spent some time with dad... was worried about him but i do feel better since i got to spend some time with him and let him know how much i do love him..he is the only dad i have..but he seems i feel better too..

so got the flu after i got home from athens..thanks danielle.. i think she gave it to, jameson and david have it.. i am feeling better.. although my head is stopped up..i think jameson has a little of it not what i had and not sure what david has of it.. he is in bed..and a little ill...he tried to stay away from me so he wouldn't get sick so now i think he has it even though he stayed away from me..he always gets everything i get..

so sorry i haven't posted i have been under the weather..

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

going on a cruise...

Have i mentioned that i have the best friend any one could ever ask for??? yeah i really do... so i am going on a cruise with christy... and 2 of her girl friends from work... i am so excited... so excited... we have been friends for so long... over 10 years.. she is part of my family... and someone i can depend on when i am having a bad day... she cheers me up and is some of my support system... we all need one of those... she inspires me to be a better person.. to be nice to people when i really don't want to....she is very generous to those that love is amazing how far we have gone and we are still the best of friends....she was in texas and i was in hawaii and we always keep in contact... not matter what...those kind of friends don't exist anymore.. well they might but i don't have that many close friends and i really know why now... it is because i have such a wonderful best friend...i would do anything for her truely i would.... christy you have been an inspiration to me in so many ways i just can't explain it and i appreciate everything you do for me and my family.... thanks so much for being my friend all these years... i just can't believe sometimes how much we have been through so much together and we are still best friends and we finally live in the same has been a long time since we have lived in the same town.... so i am grateful for christy each and every day... love you christy... and i can't wait to go on the cruise... it is very exciting...

Monday, July 17, 2006

Having a great day...

today has been a really great day for me... christy and i are going on a cruise at the end of august.. and i am really EXCITED ... never been on a cruise before.....if i like the cruise maybe me and david can go on one... got more good news but i can't say because it isn't good news for someone else...but it is for me and my worries.. i have been stressed out about some things and now i don't have too... so started back at work today and i am really i am going to make this short today and post some more layouts i did... have a good monday....and don't forget to watch treasure hunter.. a really good show...

later dawgs

Sunday, July 16, 2006

i am gonna post some of my layouts i did while i was on vacation... i really enjoyed doing them.. i like doing just the one page layouts.. and the one photo too... okay enough with the scrapbooking is what some of ya'll are saying..

so this weekend i am so sore from moving stuff and taking the fish and turtle tank down.. got rid of it.. thank goodness.. gotta have more space for books and sorts..

it is hot here... had to go get another ac unit just for jameson's room.. so hot.. it was like 85 in here yesterday.. i don't think anything will make this house any cooler.... so i have been inside staying cool and just resting my body cause i know this weekend i am gonna get a workout with the yard sale... so everyone come by and get some junk... cause i need a new dryer... that is the goal for the yard sale...

later dawgs

Friday, July 14, 2006

kind of busy this week

A good picture of cole...danielle was taking the kids to see Pirates of the Caribbean....such a good movie...and johnny depp..yum!!! can't get enough of him...such a great actor....i started watching him when he was on 21 jump street.. and have been a fan ever since...and he isn't that bad to look at either.... so i am looking forward to seeing it too... we might go this weekend to see it at the drive inn...

so we are going to have the yard sale next weekend..i think wendy has a lot of stuff to get rid of...
and she is moving closer to us now and i am really excited about that...get to see her a little more i hope...maybe we will have a BBQ fot them when they get settled in..

well gotta go do some more scrappin gotta enter a contest at my local scrapbook store.. hope i win...get a gift certificate for free stuff..

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


today i was looking throught my favorite website and noticed a familiar name..i had noticed her work in some of my scrapbook magazines but wasn't sure if it was the right person..until i found her blog..i have admired her work for a long time..come to find out her husband is from the same town i live small world.. anyway she did this and so am i ...

Color love it!!
David love of my life
Eventually i will get to it
Friendly (sometimes)
Improve myself
Memories i try to keep
Need more time
Quiet time is great
Victory in Jesus
Xmas - favorite holiday
Yellow favorite color
Zzz's need so sleep

Hope you all enjoyed this as much as i did...

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

undecided about title

well just picked jameson up from her new daycare (school) and i feel really good about her being there.. she usually cries when i come to pick her up but today she was having a good time..and she didn't even cry..cole even said it was fun maybe that is a good sign..

i hope danielle is feeling better..she got her wisdom teeth pulled hope you get better danielle..she took cole and jameson to the movies last night to see cars...cole really wants to see pirates of the caribbean so i think she is going to take him thursday..but right now that is what he is watch.. the first he will be ready for the 2nd movie..all day today he has been asking me when are we going to go get jameson..and yesterday they drove me crazy with there fighting with each other..i think he really missed her he went outside and got some boards to make some kind of steps for the baby kittens we they can eat also with the bigger i told him the momma feeds the kittens..they can't eat that stuff..i know he was trying though..he reminds me so much of when jameson was smaller he used to do the same things cole does...

speaking of james, i am going to be a aunt again...jennifer called last night to tell me she was pregant..maybe this will be a boy this time..hopefully ..we need more stricklands in the family..
i can't wait till the beach blast...or i hope i can't wait..gotta find out if she is bringing janet..don't have a babysitter yet for the beach blast..richard and lillian are going to be we will see..things might change..hope not though...

since no one sees my scrapbook pages thought i might put this one on here...i love of my favorites of cole..getting better at this photography stuff..

Monday, July 10, 2006

getting rid of jamesons baby cloths

this morning i went through all of jamesons cloths..i am a little sad that she isn't that small anymore..and now i am putting most of her baby cloths in the yard is hard to let go of her cloths but i just don't have the room for them anymore..every outfit i see i can remember where it came from and the memories too..and i am not sure if that is going to be the end of babies or i am a little saddened at all of these me dressing little girls is a so much the way i still have some of coles cloths too.. jameson has so many little dresses she wore to church and to special places.....

so this week jameson is starting little light of mine and hopefully cole will be better this week than last week..i am really excited about her going to this school..i think she will get alot out of being there and learning songs and bible stories..and the preschool program is really good there also..i was on a waiting list for a while and i have really thought about not changing her from country kids but i just think this is a better program for her...david even thought so too..we went and looked at the place before we made our minds up that she really needed to be there..

so today they are both home and right now they are fighting over everything..wish they would just get along today....she wants everything he has....and i still feel a little sick but better..thought last night i was going to have to go to the emergency room was feeling really bad...i was hurting really bad.. i have never had that kind of pain... but feeling better now...

Sunday, July 09, 2006

feeling sick

For the last week i have had this stomach i am not pregnant either!!! and this weekend i really was feeling might be from being stressed out..i don't know..all i know is that i feel sick all the time..i hate laying around on the couch when there is stuff all over the place and dishes that need to be washed and dirty cloths..i could go on an on....but i won't...i gotta feel better..i want to do some things before i go back to work..and i really want to have a yard sale next weekend..i hope that is going to lots of stuff to get ride of....poor danielle she went everywhere friday night to take the kids to see pirates of the caribbean....everything was she took the kids to walmart and cole got some pirates gear..a sword, a bandana like captain jack and some tatoos..i know he hasn't seen the first one...not sure why he wants to see that movie so bad...but like danielle she will do all her power to take him to see hopefully today she will get to take him to see it.....well i guess i will go back to the couch this is about all i can take..gotta lay down..

Friday, July 07, 2006

more pictures--4th spent in screven

had a great time last saturday night... we went to screven and spent some time with sandy,heather, danielle, meme and papa..we had hamburgers and all that good stuff...watched the fireworks in screven.. the kids had a great time and so did i..just hanging out in screven..we walked over to where richard and lillian were to watch the fireworks...this is where i got this really good picture of grandma and jameson...and the other one is richard and lillian with jameson..cole was playing with the sparklers the whole time and jameson was terrified of the sparklers..had a great weekend..then on sunday we ate at richard and lillians and sat on the porch while the kids played with the pin wheels...i will add those photos sometime this weekend...the week is over and david has to go back to work...i hate it but them i love it cause next week i am off myself.. i might get somethings done around the house...

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

4th of july with the stricklands

i got up this morning wanting to check out the pictures christy and i took yesterday and wow they are really i know wendy reads it in the mornings so i am getting it on here so she can see some of them....had a blast at the beach yesterday ..did get a little sunburnt but other than that had a good time...met dads girlfried and she seemed nice..christy and hunter came with us yesterday...danielle and mark were there..and some of danielles friends dropped by for a little bit..rachael and ms jan came and it was a crowd..but a good was great to have david with me..usually he doesn't get to take a vacation during a holiday but somehow he felt like old times in a rv yesterday...when we were growing up that was our vacation to take a rv and camp at the beach...i miss those times..although we did play alot of cards when we were burnt or just didn't want to be outside...times have changed....but one thing hasn't and that is our family....and man is it many kids there yesterday...i think jameson and cole got a little jealous of dads girlfriend donnnas kids..i think it is stranger for them than it is for us....but we all have to accept change and i hope everyone else can too....

Monday, July 03, 2006

i got someone else that influenced my life

Influence could be the word for stacy but he was almost my big brother...he was my uncle but he was only 7 years older than me..i really miss him oh gosh i really do...i looked up to him.. and still i think about him hitting my leg when he heard a good song on the radio...or drinking pepsi like crazy..and if you don't know the stricklands don't drink pepsi!!!! i hate pepsi!!!but he always did...before daddy and sandy divorced we used to go camping in the summer time to ferndina and one year stacy and trish went with us..and i rode down with him and her to the beach in his car and he played this song for is called brickyard road by johnny zant (lynard skynard) and he was talking about his brother that was need to download the song...he said to me that song reminds me of your dad and me..i never understood what he meant by that song but i did fall in love with it..i have it on my ipod now....what stacy was saying was so many things to me..i think he knew he was dying and he wanted someone (me) to share with dad how he felt about my dad... so i did tell dad that..when that song comes on my ipod i STILL get chills...talking about mom and dad and how they are and it just completely reminds me of stacy...and to make this circle for me..stacy died on december the 7th.. a year before cole was born...cole's birthday is december the this a sign???? i don't know really...but sometimes i feel that it is..i wonder what his legacy would be if he lived a long life?? if his children would have a better life? i think they would...i wish things were different for him because he didn't deserve the pain and agony of the disease he had....i know he is up there with dale earnhart and all the georgia dawg fans cheering them here is to stacy and the life shortly lived...
i love you stacy for all the good times..... and the red slap marks too!!!!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

papa remembered

I really miss papa..i think he has influenced me in a way i cannot explain..the year and a half that he was in my life was incredible...he loved this farm all the was the simple things in life he loved..but he especially loved his that the farm looks better than it has in a long time, i just wish papa could see it..sometimes when i am washing dishes or fixing something to eat i look out the window and just say a little something to papa...or look at my plant that he gave me a clipping isn't a clipping anymore it is pretty big in size...the older i get the more family members are passing away and you just need to cherish the moments while they last...i met papa when he was sick with alzhemiers and he was a hoot before he got really sick but i just know he was even funnier when he didn't have that horrible disease...just days before papa died i was going to athens to get reagan (our dog) and cole, jameson and i went in to see him before we left...he said he was going to build us a pin for the dog.. it seemed like he was his old self that was a really good visit..he talked to cole a little bit and i was really happy leaving the nursing home going to athens...i thought man he acting like himself, i was so happy about the way things were that day..but when i got back from athens he wasn't doing well at all..he was sleeping that day and i woke him up cause i really wanted to just let him know we would be gone a few days..i am so glad i did wake him up cause that was the last time i saw him... the night he died david wanted me to go to the nursing home to say my goodbyes but i had realized that was his goodbye to me that day when he was his old self wanting to build that pin for the dog....and playing around with cole....

i know when we move from this farm house i will be sad cause i remember alot of things about papa....cause looking out that kitchen window brings memories to me... you could always watch papa feeding the geese or riding around the farm to check things out or just sitting on those rocks fishing...or friday nights when we all go out to eat and he would have that after shave on smelling like a cleaned up man..i could go on and today i wanted to just say i miss you papa...dearly....

Saturday, July 01, 2006

The legacy i was left with...grandma polly remembered today

i have been having alot of dreams about my grandma polly..i don't know why i just got up this morning thinking about her...i miss those weekends when we would get up and she would be in the kitchen at the crack of dawn making breakfast or a feast...smelling those homemade biscuits and all the sausage your heart could eat...i miss her alot...i miss her so much....i know dad does too..what an influence that woman has put on me..she was a hard worker..and a gentle person..every fall we would go to the mountains and she would go and sometimes she couldn't go but she always gave all of us a little money to take with us..i mean all 6 about $5 or $10...i have decided this week i am going to do a memorial album on the people we miss or have lost..i think cole and jameson would really learn about there family that way..the older i get the more i cherish moments with my grandparents..if there is one thing i have learned is that money doesn't mean anything but family means don't take money with you when you die but you do carry on your name and your family and the memories..i would rather have those memories of grandma polly then anything..and the smells too...carrying on the memories to my children is what i am going to do..

**the bottom picture is grandma polly and dad, cathy, carol and holding tommy...stacy wasn't born yet...