Sunday, July 16, 2006

i am gonna post some of my layouts i did while i was on vacation... i really enjoyed doing them.. i like doing just the one page layouts.. and the one photo too... okay enough with the scrapbooking is what some of ya'll are saying..

so this weekend i am so sore from moving stuff and taking the fish and turtle tank down.. got rid of it.. thank goodness.. gotta have more space for books and sorts..

it is hot here... had to go get another ac unit just for jameson's room.. so hot.. it was like 85 in here yesterday.. i don't think anything will make this house any cooler.... so i have been inside staying cool and just resting my body cause i know this weekend i am gonna get a workout with the yard sale... so everyone come by and get some junk... cause i need a new dryer... that is the goal for the yard sale...

later dawgs

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