Sunday, December 31, 2006

happ new year!!!!!!!!!

i hope everyone has a safe night.. we are kind of under the weather. david has been sick for about 5 days now.. i wish he would get better.. i got him lots of meds but he says he still isn't feeling well. yesterday we went and got some cloths for us and looked at LCD tv's.. david has been wanting one for a while so i know how hard he has been working toward a good bonus so i told him he could go ahead and do his research and decide on one.. he is very excited about getting his TV. i just hope he is not sitting in front of it more. we were going to have to get a piece of furniture to put the tv on but we are going to use the piece we have that holds all of our dvds in and move all of our movies into the bigger one that matches.. i love those pieces of furniture we have and don't want to put them away. david is like a kid at the candy store about it.

jamesons turned 3 friday. wow where does the time go? she is kind of under the weather too. we are fighting off this cough we all have.

so stay safe everyone
and happy new year!!

later dawgs

Thursday, December 28, 2006

some cute photos

well today is a normal day i guess.. taking stuff to the dump. getting our new grill which i can't wait till david grills on it.. so here are some more really cute photos..

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

more christmas pics

i love christmas but it is becoming more overwhelming.. not enough sleep and not enough time to take it all in.. i just wish we could all decide to make arrangements so we don't crowd others. i was exhausted and jameson didn't have a nap so everyone was ill near the end of the day. we were going from one house to the other. i just feel that this is not christmas to me. i feel that we should take time out to really celebrate jesus birth.. not just opening presents and eating. so next year for me there is going to be some breaks. i might hurt some feelings but i want my children to learn what christmas really means.. not just about santa bringing gifts and eating and being with family.. even though we do go to midnight mass my children don't understand what is really going on. they need to be educated on there level.

i really had a great time and i am glad that life will be back to normal in a couple of days. but i hate to see the tree taken down and the decorations back in the boxes until next year. i am going to wait till after the first to take them down.

today is my birthday and i just hate it.. everyone is relaxing and tired of being so cheerful. so my birthday is always a bummer. and i am also a year older. but it is alright i just look forward to going and getting scrapbook stuff that i want. going to savannah to get me some stuff probably friday. so happy birthday to me.


Sunday, December 24, 2006

christmas eve 2006

christmas time is the best time of the year for me.. my childrens birthdays are around this time.. mine is also.. so the more i think about this time of year the more i enjoy this year.. it isn't just jesus birth but it is also the birth of love,
it is all about family.. my family means so much to me, spending time with my family is more of a gift than i will ever receive. i married a wonderful person and was welcomed into a beautiful family that i now call my own.. so when we are all together for the holidays let us be thankful we all have each other and we aren't alone for this wonderful holiday.. and lets not forget what this holiday is all about.. Jesus is always the reason for the season... merry christmas to everyone..


Friday, December 22, 2006

we LOVE lights

we went to waycross to the patterson bank there.. it has so many lights and activities.. we had such a great time last night.. tried to get some good pictures but jameson was not cooperating..she didn't have a nap and was very grumpy.. so we went and got a bite to eat and came back and she was a lot better but she would not ride the train.. we stood in line forever and then she decided she didn't want to ride the train after we stood in line.. i don 't get it with kids why do we tourcher ourselves with standing in line and then get up there and she decideds nope don't want too... so no train ride.. it was nice to have david off yesterday, although we had things to do.. he had the interview in rincon and decided to not take the job in savannah.. so i am really thankful he doesn't have to work there..

i will catch up when i get a chance..
i hope everyone has a happy holiday and merry christmas... this year i am happy for so many things.. spending time with my family is on top.. i look forward to christmas and all the rituals that we have..

Saturday, December 16, 2006

found this really cool website

check this website out if you want a good laugh. you can add your picture too..
happy holidays..


Monday, December 11, 2006

wow what a weekend

do you ever have those weird days when you wonder if this is really happening? well i did this weekend.. saturday heather graduated from college.. so proud of her she worked really hard.. but the traffic was horrible.. glad i rode with dad..

then sunday we were getting ready for cole's birthday party and there were brush fires all down next to the farm. david went out to check to see if it was anything to worry about and then he came back with a shovel and was putting out fires.. ( to bad he didn't have a firemans uniform on) i like firemen!! so i went out to check on him and ran back to the house and got a shovel to put out fires on the other side of the farm.. it was pretty bad stuff.. someone must of started those fires cause they were all down road.. i am just glad no one got hurt or there house caught on fire.. then after that we had coles birthday party.. had a great time. it was small and i enjoyed everyones company. cole got a lot of presents and all of them he is going to really enjoy. i gotta find something for all of his legos though some kind of storage unit for those.. any suggestions?

also jamesons play is going to be this weekend at unity church of god in a large sunday school room it is going to be at 5 o'clock. i know she would love for her family and friends to cheer her on when she sings christmas songs.. i can't wait to see it, they have been practing for a while now. and she sings all the songs in the car, i just hope she sings and doesn't go shy on us.. december 16 5 o'clock @ Unity church of god.. on sunset blvd.. there will be a birthday party after the play to celebrate Jesus birthday..

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

getting ready for the party...

the house is just about clean.. or decorated.. i made a really neat wreath that i really love.. love.. and stayed home yesterday and today to do all the dirty work. since this weekend is going to be pretty busy.. heather graduates, church and cole wants his friend river to spend the night.. oh and i have to make a cake for the party.. not to sure about that one though...

so the party is sunday @ 4 so don't forget.. i am trying to find pirate stuff but it is really hard in this town.. and last weekend i was having a hard time sleeping and did not want to drive to savannah for anything..

so gonna post some pictures of my wreath and some from the parade from saturday night.. enjoy!!!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

had a weird dream

i had a weird dream the other night and i wanted to journal it before i forgot.. well it was friday morning so i slept sometime that night.. to me i feel dreams are a passage way to things unknown.. i feel sometimes they maybe communication from the other side.. okay maybe i am sick? no i have heard this from other people too..

well my dream was with my grandma thomas and jameson.. i could smell that perfume she wore JOY.. so many things she was playing with jameson and being herself. it is like she tapped me on the shoulder and said hey tonya i am still here.. i see you. the dream was real to me.. so i woke up told david about it and he just well blew it off. i didn't. well then last night i was watching late tv cause i couldn't sleep and the commerical came on where she lived when she died.. it is called THE VILLAGE in florida.. is there really something around you? do the dead look over you? maybe they do. maybe i am crazy. i don't know. i just felt i needed to put this in my blog so i don't forget..

yeah my grandma thomas isn't even close to what my other grandma strickland is like but i do remember alot of stuff that grandma thomas did with me and my sisters and james.. i remember all the books she read to us.. especially Cinderella.. she tooks us swimming, taught us how to swim. took us to our favorite places to eat.. and she did love us, and i knew she always had to love of chocolate. she had a special drawer for her chocolate. she did have the nicer things in life but there was never a moment when i didn't feel loved by her. i have one special picture i cherish with her and cole that i adore and the letters we wrote back to on another. i still have all of that and cherish them.

i just wish my mom was that way to my children. read to there grandchildren and do all the things i don't let my kids do.. that is what grandparents do. and one day i will bring those memories to my grandkids.. cause now more than ever i miss all of my grandparents that have died and gave me those memories.

what is going on??

I am having a BIG problem with sleep these days.. Thursday got up at 2 in the morning and could not go to sleep.. so yesterday i went to get me some sleep meds to help with my sleep.. took it last night about 9 and guess what i woke up at 12:30 and now i cannot sleep.. it is 2:45 and i am wide awake.. this is really bothering me now.. i am getting a little worried for my health...

got our tree Thursday and didn't get real good pictures of the kids decorating the tree.. i will post what some pics anyway.. then the kids got there outfits for there Christmas pictures and jameson would not sit with cole.. she kept saying "I don't want to" so i am hoping mr palmer got at least one good one of her and cole.. now cole on the other hand he is so photogenic.

this week i am going to be real busy getting coles birthday party stuff ready.. i hope i get a chance to blog some.. and maybe sleep.. i might need to think about getting some wine maybe that will help.. any suggestions? or maybe i need a new mattress.. i just don't know.. but i really would do anything for a good 8 - 9 hours of sleep..


Wednesday, November 29, 2006

getting into the season

got back from athens and have been busy ever since.. trying to get back into work and everything else.. i usually get a chance to go online every night but this is the first time i have been able to.. we had a great time at grandma and grandpa's.. life seems so simple to me when i get around them.. how important things mean.. i hate to do anything when i am there.. i just want to take everything that is going on with them in.. just sit there on the bar stool and listen to all the things grandma says and what she is cooking.. this year we did not have the turkey thanksgiving we had a low country boil.. it was okay but i really missed turkey and the dressing.. don't think i will do that again.. i missed being with davids family alot.. but i just felt i needed to be in athens.. we ate at carols outside.. just didn't seem like thanksgiving to me, but i was with my family.. and yes i have alot to be thankful for and being there was one thing i was especially thankful for..

i went shopping the next morning, left grandmas at 4 in the morning so i could get that tv for cole.. and i got it.. got some other things and got alot of gifts for family.. i got a little more to go but not to long and everything will be under the tree.. i can say that everything is wrapped but not under the tree yet.. we are getting our tree tomorrow and the kids christmas pictures will be taken.. so looking forward to the smells of christmas when we get the tree.. have i said how much i love christmas?? LOVE IT!!!!

and the dawgs won.. so excited.. we did come back after all.. i just never give up on them..


Saturday, November 18, 2006

happy birthday david..

yesterday was a great day for me.. why not sure.. just an inspirational day with someone i truely cherish in my life..i took away something so pure from that moment.. i took away the idea that i am truely loved.. truely in all aspects of the way.. and that there is so much in a person you never know about.. so many memories you haven't spoken of in a very long time.. things you forget to speak about or even think about because they aren't very good memories to you... so i thank you for that.. and you know who you are... i truely loved it and need more of it.. those days i cherish with everything i have.. the moments when i know that i am not ignored.. made me feel good all day.. i mean truely refreshed like a great pedicure or a great thanks..

so more and more i get excited about the holidays.. i get to spend time with my family and eat.. and tonight david and i are going out to eat with my dad.. and i am thrilled about that.. i LOVE spending time with any of my family and especially my dad.. sorry girls.. but yeah i enjoy it.. and if you can get a chance to spend time with him you better do it then cause you might not see him for a couple of weeks.. he is so busy working and doing the single life..

i was told i go all out for christmas.. well yeah i do.. or i try to. i am like a kid at the candy store just waiting for christmas morning to come.. right now i am itching to get the christmas tree.. i just can't wait... can't wait.... i used to go to meme's house to put up all her trees cause i loved it so much.. decorating, trimming the tree, wrapping presents... wondering what goodies i got.. meme by the way has a tree in every room of her house.. and she needed my help and i really enjoyed it.. i even used to work at her christmas shoppe a long time ago so i could decorate around the year.. do i have a problem? so yeah i am getting excited about decorating everything.. and jameson is also getting to the age where she is going to enjoy it more and more... so i am going to athens and hopefuly go to commerce so i can go to the BIG craft store there and get goodies for the house.. the pottery.. used to go for christmas with sandy when i was young so it is your fault sandy .... not going to decorate before thanksgiving i just don't think that thanksgiving gets enough credit... so waiting and waiting... and waiting..

and yesterday was my honeys birthday ... yeah another year... he doesn't take his birthday very important at all.. but hey I DO!!!!! i look forward to mine... i guess that is from not having one for so long..



Thursday, November 09, 2006

christmas ideas for the kids

so i thought i might post some ideas for the kids here... people have been asking what to get the kids for christmas so i will make some kind of list..

cole he likes legos right now and i did get him the pirates of the carribean legos.. he likes those video games you connect to your tv... he loves movies.. and yes still likes john deere..
they both like play dough and it doesn't take long for that to be gone.. and i do have a table they can leave it out so it dries up when they don't put it up. that is why it goes pretty fast.. cole is reading now and he loves to read books to you.. i know that sounds cheesey but it is true he loves to whatever he can to you.. the kids like to dress up into costumes too.. especially cole he has put that pirate costume on a million times.. he likes to play football and baseball...

jameson likes dolls.. she likes to draw and color... books on bugs or anything with animals..her favorite movies are bambi and the little mermaid so if there is anything like that she really likes those characters..her and cole are pretty happy with just about anything.. the simple things they like..

just some ideas.. i am going to ask cole what he really wants also.. he will let me know what he wants also..

Thursday, November 02, 2006

pumpkin patch

i got up this morning at 3 in the morning by the sounds of "mama".... got her back to sleep but couldn't get myself back to sleep.. maybe it is because echo is gone from LOST or i was really excited about going to the pumpkin patch... not sure...
got some really good photos of jameson...and the cute one of david too.. i had so many i couldn't afford to get them one hour.. so will get them on saturday..

just one more lost episode before the long break..... sorry but i am a totally loving lost... and there will be nothing on i love more than lost for a while... it comes back in feburary.. what to do... i asked david for xmas that i wanted the season 1 and season 2 of lost or a dvr so i can record and go back to see what i missed in the show.. there is always something you miss the first time..

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

happy halloween and happy birthday rachael

so much going on .. cole came home sick, halloween parade, work, dinner, getting something to put candy in... and rachael's birthday.. so happy birthday rachael...

posting some quick photos before LOST comes on tonight.. then tomorrow is the pumpking patch.. can't wait.. i have been working so hard lately i am looking forward to a little hayride... and a pumpkin too... it should be fun....
cole has the funny skull teeth in.. they look really gross.. cole is jack sparrow. and jameson is little red riding hood.. ..can't wait to scrapbook these..

Saturday, October 28, 2006

it's raining it's pouring...

Thank goodness it is raining.. we really need the rain right now.. i know it is not the best time to rain but i will take it anyway i can.. you should see how low the pond is pretty low.. the geese can sit on the bank and not even be in the water.. i haven't seen that happen in quite a few years..

so thursday richard helped carve the pumpkin for the kids.. and it is a pretty pumpkin. he does a great job every year with the pumpkin.. i like the old school type pumpkin myself.. maybe that is because i didn't get to do that kind of stuff when i was a kid.. then lillian cooked a great dinner shrimp creole, and i really like it lillian so keep cooking it!!! i asked david to go get it so we could have it for dinner tonight.. then i went and scrapped at the store till midnight.. now i can't sleep so i thought i would post these pictures for everyone...

i made my christmas cards already and they will ready to mail around christmas time.. so now i need to do cole's birthday invitations.. and then onto other things i have to do during the christmas season..

so jameson is doing better.. thinking i might not need to take her out in this weather tomorrow.. so we will see what the weather is like to go to the pumpkin patch, she is dying to go to the pumpkin patch.. also the DAWGS play tomorrow and i got all the food to eat while i watch the game.. i just forgot the cocktails.. . but i didn't forget the black olives will probably need them for tomorrow.. i do have faith though..

later dawgs..

Monday, October 23, 2006

Gitty up Grandpa

I entered this in last month and won 2nd place.. i am pretty proud of it.. i love the pictures of grandpa and jameson playing horsey..

so jameson is sick with a cough and a fever today. so don't have alot of time.. and my puter is messing up too..

It is Cooold here.. and the leaves are falling it is really pretty, just wish jameson felt better we could go outside and play in the leaves..

well gotta go for now.

later dawgs.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

some layouts i did yesterday..

this one of janet is my favorite.. i had been wanting to use that picture on something for a while so i found the "look" i was looking for..i am thinking about sending it to jennifer but i just can't let go of it just yet... the second one is jameson at the pool.. love the picture.. and the third is the kids together.. they are the sunshine in my life.. had a great time yesterday got a lot of things done.. i can't tell you is coming SOON...i don't remember if i said this yesterday but i really am looking for a small easel for the kids if anyone know where i can find one.. okay for now this is it.. i will post my others tomorrow.. the one i won with i will post tomorrow that is of grandpa and jameson..

later dawgs..

Saturday, October 21, 2006

what is going on

so i got up this morning at 3:30 and i cannot go back to sleep.. i woke up to jameson crying.. saying "i want my daddy".. i think she was having a bad dream or something not sure but now i am wide awake... and cannot go back to sleep.. and i am going to the scrapbook store all day today for classes.. all day yes all day.. from 9 in the morning till 10 tonight.. maybe that is why i can't sleep cause i am so excited about getting some stuff done for christmas..

well we went out to the pumpkin patch and they were closed they are only opened on saturdays so i guess we will have to go next weekend hopefully... before the florida and ga game.. jamesons daycare is going in november and if we just can't go i think i might check him out of school that day and take him with us.. that is if we don't get a chance to go before then...

david killed 6 racoons the other night and now we have those nasty possumms.. so last night david came in my scrap room and said "cole you wannna see a possumm" cole says "yeah yeah" so he looks out the window and it is eating the cat food.. cole come back in my room and says "momma that is the ugliest thing i have ever saw" and then david got out the shotgun to kill it and david wanted cole to come out there with him and he said "no way i aint going out there with that thing"... david was trying to just do some guy stuff with him with the gun and teach him about guns at the same time but cole was so scared of the possumm he didn't want anything to do with david..

okay i HATE playdough i don't know why they make that stuff for kids.. it stinks too... so i did the dead and bought some for the kids.. jameson she made all kinds of stuff with the shapes and she was so proud that she made a starfish... wish i had my camera then .. and cole made a volcano.. which i have to say was very creative..

speaking of creative... cole has gotten the scrapbooking bug now.. last night i was getting my stuff together and he decides he is going to use my scraps to make his own scrapbook.. and i had some extra pictures so he started his own album... and i have to say he did a good job... gosh i hope he at least get that from me.. cause everything else is his daddy.. i mean everything...

okay enough for now
hope the dawgs do good today
they finally got smart and put stafford in as a starting quarterback YEAH!!!!!!!!

later dawgs

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

gosh has it been that long

wow.. i can't believe i haven't posted in just about a month..sorry..things have been chaotic here.. school, work, kids, homework, cooking, cleaning, and moving things around.. i moved all my scrapbook stuff last week into the dining area..and wow what a difference more room makes.. i can see everything and it looks so much better.. now cole can be on the puter while i scrapbook.. it makes it so much better for all of us.. and jameson she can draw whenever she likes.. i think i ever might buy the kids play dough.. i just might..i think i will.. they can play while i scrapbook or on the puter.. now reagan has her own room now.. gonna get some baskets and store stuff in the little room now and all the dog stuff is there now.. i like it a whole lot better than the crate out near our eating table..

okay so i found this cool website for jk rowling the author of harry potter books and found it so fun... so check it out and i don't read harry potter books.. but i am really thinking about reading them and reading them to cole and jameson.. i know cole enjoys them..

friday we are going to the pumpkin patch when david gets off of work and i can't wait.. i have been working alot of hours lately and haven't got to do much with them so i am looking forward to picking out a pumpkin..

i am also gonna post some layouts i did last week too.. i know all of you guys love this stuff.ha ha ..

the one of cole is one of my favorites of him.. i forgot i had this photo so i went to walmart and got it enlarged and did this..

also before i go please pray that our dawgs get there act together before this weekends game..and next weeks game..last weekend was bad but this weekend what plain out stupid!!!!!

later dawgs...

Thursday, September 21, 2006

hey ya'll

sorry everyone been busy with the family lately... alot going on..

davids cousin john and jennifer there house caught on fire from her car and really destroyed there house.. burned alot of stuff and then there was smoke damage to everything in there house.. then johns truck caught on fire on saturday.. please keep them in your prayers.. they really need it right now... they are going through so much right now... and the boys were having a hard time breathing and runny noses from all the smoke in the house.. they just built that house and haven't lived there very long.. my heart just goes out to them... i just can't imagine starting all over..

david finally went to the doctor about his feet.. he is having a hard time with his feet.. found out he has a lot of heal splints.. he gets his feet molded tomorrow for that... and will take him 3 weeks to get the insoles but i know when he does get them it will be so much better for him...

and my dawgs are doing really well this year. . and i like the stafford guy as a quarterback.. i think he is doing real well.. in the next years he is just going to get better... so looking forward to seeing him play more... do you hear that coach ??

YES tonight is the night for my love affair... Greys ANatomy comes on... i can't wait... i have been watching reruns since forever!!!! last night david had to work late and he came in and said that is a rerun... i said " well this is a good rerun, and guess what i am watching the best rerun in a long time" yeah i hate reruns but not on greys... so tonight i am watching greys while david is watching survivor and csi in the living room... i told him when i found out it was going to be on thursdays that i was going to watch it in the bedroom no matter what.. and i would see csi on the spike i don't get to watch ufc tonight either.. or at least i hope i don't..

so gotta go... trying to get rid of this headache i have had all day... took so much tylenol, i gotta find something stronger i guess..

Monday, September 11, 2006

let's not forget what today is....

i have been home today.. gotta a teachers conference and running errands... so i have been watching tv all morning.. then got on the message boards and found this website if you have time please check it out... it is a really a neat website.. it is the papers from 9/11 in someones garden... my thought are with those families..and also with ralph cox... his mother is a member at our church and ralph was also in school with david and i in the 9th grade....
so please say a little prayer for those families...


Thursday, September 07, 2006

gotta a dryer???

well got home from the cruise was doing laundry and my dryer died...yes it gotta get a new one..not really looking forward to doing the shopping around for it and finding the right one...but gotta have one.. my laundry is pilling up.. and i really hate that..i am the type that loves clean cloths.. i love the smell of new cloths too.. right when they get out of the dryer...i love anything that smells clean.. yeah even bleach sometimes..and when i do the laundry i fold and pile in the kids piles and then that is when i hate to take them to there desired area.. i just hate putting cloth away.. maybe it is the smell i don't want to miss.. oh god this sounds so cheezy...well just thought i would pass on a little something about me.. i like things clean....

so big brother is coming on and of course my cable is come cable is out when something really good is coming on and you don't want to miss out... it always happens to me..and i really want to know what is going on since i don't have time to read everything on the web about it..i am kind of glad will is gone but kind of not.. he made that show really funny..especially in the diary room...but chill town asked for it...the girls are in control..well i hope they are..

and this weekend is going to be a great college football weekend...some really good games..ohio and texas is going to be on the same time georgia is playing so i am gonna have to switch back and forth..well maybe not if uncle larry is telling me the score...(that is larry munson for all of you non football fans)...georgia is playing south carolina and that is going to be a real good game too..

so gonna post more pictures today...

later dawgs

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

back in the saddle again

I am so's the getting back to normal that makes me so tired..doing the same routine again..and trying to get caught up on everything i have missed since i have been away.. and then david having to work nights for a couple of days....

i got christys pictures and i am gonna post some of them... i really like most of her pictures... we used her camera most of the time.. and i think we have some of the same pictures.. some of these are really funny.. like the one christy got of me with the life jacket on...everybody looked really silly with them christy got a picture of me real is really funny now that i look back on it...before we leave port we have to line up with life jackets on and look really silly...i had already had a few drinks in by this time..

well good news jameson is just about potty trained.. she loves wearing her panties...she thinks when you go to the bathroom she has to go too..i really don't mind that just have one bathroom that is all...

will post more pictures in the coming days... got so many.. i am glad we took as many as we did..thanks christy for nagging about getting pictures takin... now i really cherish them...

later dawgs...


Monday, September 04, 2006

more pictures from the cruise

seems like things are back to normal... the kids are fighting and arguing...back to normal... the first picture is a shipwreck in the bahamas the second picture is christy, me and donna on the yellow bird...we really had a great time on that...we rode on the yellow bird and drank all the rum punch you want then they take you to blackbeards island..where there is a beach..we got in the water most of the time.. there was about an hour spent on the beach...then get back on the yellow bird and party even more with limbo..seemed like everyone was wanting to play limbo on the way back..... that was the best time we had on the trip to me...i had a blast that day...nassau was really time i am going to take the tour to atlantis...that is what i really wanted to see...but getting into a taxi didn't seem to safe for me, especailly with 4 women... more pictures coming tomorrow hopefully....

see ya dawgs