Friday, December 22, 2006

we LOVE lights

we went to waycross to the patterson bank there.. it has so many lights and activities.. we had such a great time last night.. tried to get some good pictures but jameson was not cooperating..she didn't have a nap and was very grumpy.. so we went and got a bite to eat and came back and she was a lot better but she would not ride the train.. we stood in line forever and then she decided she didn't want to ride the train after we stood in line.. i don 't get it with kids why do we tourcher ourselves with standing in line and then get up there and she decideds nope don't want too... so no train ride.. it was nice to have david off yesterday, although we had things to do.. he had the interview in rincon and decided to not take the job in savannah.. so i am really thankful he doesn't have to work there..

i will catch up when i get a chance..
i hope everyone has a happy holiday and merry christmas... this year i am happy for so many things.. spending time with my family is on top.. i look forward to christmas and all the rituals that we have..

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Jan said...

Those are great photos!! You captured the lights wonderfully!