Saturday, April 29, 2006

loose tooth

Yesterday cole came home and said his tooth was loose. the top one and he was trying all day to pull it out but he just couldn't get it.. he even used a wet wash cloth and got it a little loose but no luck... i was really hoping he would get it before we left to go to his ballgame.. but it was no use.. so today he called me and said he came out and now he cannot find it... i will post more pictures of him with his tooth gone but this one was really cute..

only 7 days away to serenity!!!!!! can't wait...

Friday, April 28, 2006


my life changes everyday... when you have children it seems like time flies.. especially when you need some me time.. but they seem to grow up so fast.. my big boy cole is growing up and i really hate it.. although he is getting to be such a wonder to watch grow and learn. changes makes me really crazy i don't like them at all.. i like to stick to a plan a stay with it.. i am a big organized person i like things where they are... i think it is a man thing that they don't really care where things are.. i do love the changing of the leaves every fall and the changing of the seasons.. although i love spring and fall.. there is so many changes in those seasons..

only 8 days away from national scrapbook day...... CAN'T Wait!!!!!!!!
i know everyone is laughing but that is okay with me.. this is my serenity...
ha ha ha...

Thursday, April 27, 2006

big brother

Sometimes i wish i had a big brother.. cole is such a wonderful big brother.. he loves to agrivate jameson and he also says how much he loves her on a daily basis.. until he gets older and understands what kind of love it is to have a sibling.. i don't know who i would be without my sisters and brother..

i am really going to be glad when inventory is over... i really want my husband back.. seems like the walmart aliens have captured him for inventory and when it is over (wesnesday) i will get him back.. i can't wait!!! i could really use the help with 2 kids running around crazy.. cole is going to be gone the next 2 weekends and then next week josh will be home from iraq and he will be there for a whole week. i really miss him when he is gone and jameson she is not the same either. it is just not our perfect home when he isn't around. i do love the break but i hate it. in the mornings i usually go and wake him up first and cuddle a little with him or just tickle him. and that really gets my day started in a good mode (most of the time) i am going to miss those mornings when he is gone.. but i am happy that his dad is going to be home, cole is really excited to see him.. so next friday he is not going to be at his baseball game because he is picking up his dad from the airport..

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


jameson and grandma making her famous biscuits.. love them with cheddar cheese.. or just butter.. yum yum. jameson was watching grandma make biscuits and she really wanted to help her make them so grandma let her get her hands in there and she rolled a small on and put it in the pan just like grandma does and smashed it down and jameson did the same thing.. although hers was smaller than the others ones and not as perfect as grandmas but she was really proud of her biscuit. and then after they were cooked jameson ate hers. she was pretty proud of her little biscuit.
i was sick the whole time i was in athens i don't know what is up there but it drives me and jameson nuts!!! we stay stopped up. and i am still sick today. took all the medicine i could take and still didn't feel better.. but it is getting better since i am home. it must be the ocean that helps with things down here cause when you go up to athens or atlanta it is terrible. the pollen is really bad. although it did rain and that helped alot. but i do LOVE athens not matter what the pollen count is.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

my grandparents

there is something about grandparents.. i just love being around them, i sit on the bar stool and just watch and listen to grandma. i love watching her cook and i have even learned a few things from watching her cook.. i just feel really revived when i come home from being at there house. i don't have to worry about anything when i am in athens.. i just feel the love as soon as i walk in there house. they are getting older and i just cannot think them not being here.. so i feel like i need to go to athens as much as i can so my kids will feel the same love i have felt all these years. to me they stand still in time.. i just love them both so much.. and nothing really matters when you are around them. and they truely care about your life and the lives of my kids. grandpa was mad i didn't bring any pictures of the kids so i am going to have to get some pictures together and send them a bunch at a time.. i just hope that i am the grandma that my grandmother is.. i cherish those moments so much.

Monday, April 24, 2006

back from athens

I took this really good picture of cole when we were in athens this weekend. he was fishing and the sun was going down and you could see the essence of the sunset on his face.

we had a good time in athens.. although the kids were a handful. i got some good pictures of grandma and grandpa with the kids also. those will be on my blog later this week. hope everyone else had a good weekend too.

i got home yesterday and the house was a mess, i was pretty ticked off. i drove 4 hours then got home and had to clean the house. i just don 't understand my husband at all. i left the house clean on friday.. oh well that is just the way the ball bounces i guess.

Friday, April 21, 2006

off to athens i go

I love this picture of jameson and greg.. see men do have a soft side for little girls. Hope you like this one too greg, oh and hope you are doing better!!

going to athens today i am so so so excited to go see my grandparents.. it is like another home for me.. all the way there all i think about is getting there and having some of that good ole sweet tea my grandma makes. it is the best tea i have ever drank. sometimes on the way back home she makes me a big ole gallon of it. she knows i love her tea. i must be the water.. well i am going to my strickland family reunion.. i have being doing a lot of geneaology over the last year and have found some really interesting stuff and of course some things you really don't want to know but that is what family is about.. we are all not perfect in this world.. so getting the kids ready is not that fun and driving with them in the car is not that fun either but i got my handy dandy DVD player for them to watch movies on the way there. hey wish we had that when we were going back and forth to athens every other weekend. well we did a lot of punch buggy and things like that to occupy us. now i can probably drive to athens with my eyes shut. but i won't the kids are in the car. well off i go see you soon on my blog. i hope everyone enjoys my blog. since we don't talk all the time you can catch up reading my blog...

Thursday, April 20, 2006

more on easter.

Cole on easter morning. He picked my roses that morning too. I don't really care, but he loves to pick flowers and weeds for the ones he loves. Jameson didn't want to take a picture with him.. just like her... well i wanted to post this cute picture of him so everyone could see how handsome he was on easter morning. how precious.

this morning i was listening to the radio. it was a call in thing and the subject was if you could keep replaying something over and over again what would it be? well i have been serious thinking about this all day and i came to the conclusion that it would be a lot of things. i love the moments when cole puts his arm around me in church and tells me how much he loves me. or maybe the first kiss i got from david... that is another blog someother time.. or christmas morning with all my loved ones around happy.. i really love it on christmas morning.. or when jameson is swinging on the swing with that laughter in the air. that will be tomorrows picture.. or maybe when cole and i were baptised.. i waited so long for that moment and cole and i were basptised at the same time... i have been pondering this question all day.. i have so many good memories. i have to be so thankful for so many things..

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

easter at church

Easter Sunday in church was just beautiful.. I took some pictures of the church but this one really turned out good. I thought the message that Father Chris talked about was right up my alley. I sometimes don't tell the ones I love that "I love you" i don't say it enough and I need to work on that. Also he talked about miracles in our lives, truthfully i don't have any miracles except Jesus. And i really didn't think about that until he talked about it in church on Easter. I feel really selfish for not thinking that Jesus coming back from the tomb was a miracle.. yeah i wasn't there to see him out from the tomb but it is a miracle.. It is a miracle indeed.. Miracles in my life I think my children and David are my miracles. They have come into my life when i really needed them and have taught me how to understand to love someone. if they only knew how truely in love i am with them.

Monday, April 17, 2006

jameson with the crickets

Saturday was such a beautiful day we went fishing with Christy in the afternoon. So David went and got some crickets from the bait store. Jameson was so fascinated with the crickets. She carried them around and watched them jump around in the basket. she was just amazed at them. then we went fishing with them.. so i did this layout of her with the crickets. i love it. and i used my scraps too.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

at the georgia aquarium for our vacation Posted by Picasa

Monday, April 03, 2006

what a beautiful weekend

We had the most beautiful weekend in weeks here.. It was in the 80's here.. The bees and the butterflies were out doing there jobs. And it was a busy weekend. we went to a reunion on saturday and sunday we went to my hubby's dads house. both rides were about 2 hours. so traveling with 2 kids is not fun at all. thursday we are going to atlanta to the aquarium and to see my hubby's sister. so i think we are going to invest in a dvd for the car i just can't take the fussing and fighting anymore. i just hope the movie thing works because that is a long ride back home it is about a 5 hour drive so gotta take lots of movies.. my son has spring break and my hubby he has vacation so it is working out real well that they can spend so men time together. i just hope i can get some me time pretty soon. i just feel like i am going to snap sometimes with everything that is going on and places i have to go, ballgames, school, work, daycare, trying to lose weight so much going on i can't believe i have time to do my blog..
well later

Sunday, April 02, 2006

picture of the butterfly i took today Posted by Picasa

Saturday, April 01, 2006