Wednesday, April 26, 2006


jameson and grandma making her famous biscuits.. love them with cheddar cheese.. or just butter.. yum yum. jameson was watching grandma make biscuits and she really wanted to help her make them so grandma let her get her hands in there and she rolled a small on and put it in the pan just like grandma does and smashed it down and jameson did the same thing.. although hers was smaller than the others ones and not as perfect as grandmas but she was really proud of her biscuit. and then after they were cooked jameson ate hers. she was pretty proud of her little biscuit.
i was sick the whole time i was in athens i don't know what is up there but it drives me and jameson nuts!!! we stay stopped up. and i am still sick today. took all the medicine i could take and still didn't feel better.. but it is getting better since i am home. it must be the ocean that helps with things down here cause when you go up to athens or atlanta it is terrible. the pollen is really bad. although it did rain and that helped alot. but i do LOVE athens not matter what the pollen count is.

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