Wednesday, July 30, 2008


jumping on here while Ivy is taking her afternoon nap.. she is crawling everywhere now.. man the time flies.. and putting everything in her mouth she can find on the floor.. the kids were playing with playdough last night and guess what found green around Ivys mouth yeap playdough.. the kids have been playing with the water hose on the slide outside.. really funny to watch them slide down the slide.. Cole is going on vacation friday and will be gone for 10 days.. jameson doesn't do too good when he is gone.. so going to walmart and find her some things to do while he is gone will be fun.. i will post some pics of them tomorrow from today.. we also went to the pool for a while.. david has been teaching ivy to swim and go under water.. i just don't have the heart to let her go under water but he does.. i have to turn my back i just can't stand it.. but she loves it.. and she is kicking those legs in the water.. think she might be able to swim by next year.. i think this is davids talent.. he taught jameson how to swim and has taught cole how to swim on top of the water.. next year i am going to enter cole in the swim team.. not sure if jameson will be able to.. but she is a swimmer too.. a good swimmer.

okay here are some layouts i did this weekens.. cole took the picture of his and jamesons hands.. and also the ones of jameson.. he really loves to take photos.. and does a great job too..

Saturday, July 26, 2008


your experience with learning to do something..
* everyday is a learning experience when you have 3 kids.. i have learned that each one is very different in so many ways.. i am learning right now that i can't do all things.. sometimes i have to let things go.. let the house go, let things that really aren't that important go and let things go that people say that aren't very nice..

okay here are some layouts i done this week..
i think the kids messed with my camera.. Cole likes to take photos so he probably turned a dial and now my camera is really bad.. gotta read the thick manual to see what i need to change back.. sorry about the bad photos..

have a great saturday.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

QOTD Olympics.

i love watching the Olympics and i really can't wait to watch the swimming part of it.. i usually watch that and the other sports.. so interesting to see people from around the world training for a certain sport...

and of course seeing Micheal Phelps break his records.. and he isn't that bad to look at either..


posting some layouts
and spending time at home.. David hurt his back last week and so he has been taking it easy.. he can't pick ivy up.. and ivy is teething so not much sleep for her lately.. although i have found if i give her motrin at night she sleeps better.. last week i was so exhausted from staying up with her.. she would wake up and scream for 2 hours.. rubbing oragel and ice helped but still she screamed..

this week seems better for me.. i have some energy and some things off my back that have been bothering me..

sorry about the blurry photos.. i think someone was messing with my settings on my camera.. i have to read that big ole manual to find out what is wrong..


Thursday, July 17, 2008


well i got some layouts done.. i just started getting this kit in the mail from scrapperie and i just can't get enough of this beautiful pattern paper.. and i have been dying to do these photos of Christy and Ivy.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

i have been tagged from Lori

okay i gotta do this before anything else..

10 years ago i was pregnant with Cole.. living in Hinesville with Coles dad Josh.. working for a landscape company and at reedy creek restaurant.. wow can't believe it has been that long ago..

Five things to do today
1. do the dishes
2. put my cloths away
3. update my blog
4. play bingo at scrapperie
5. relax

Snack I enjoy granola bars, ice cream, love salt and vinegar potato chips

Things I would do if a Millionaire pay my medical bills off, get a bigger car, buy a home, give to family that are in need, give to my church, help a friend that is having some hard times, go on a disney cruise with the kids, then take a vacation with David..

Places I have lived Georgia, North Carolina and Hawaii

not going to tag anyone.. don't want to make anyone do something they don't want to do..

well i don't have any photos on my new computer so it is kind of boring until i can get photos on here and do some new layouts.. i am working on that.. David has been on vacation so not getting much done around the house or scrapbooking..

also i had to add the permission onto my comments for a while.. getting alot of spam comments and not very nice stuff.. hope that stops.. i can't find out where you can report it either.. so for right now i had to do that..

okay later everyone have a great hump day..

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Happy 4th of July

Man i am wiped out today.. after yesterday all i want to do is stay cool and be lazy.. Dad brought a motorhome for us to hang out at the beach.. we stayed on the beach till about 5 then walked to the parking lot and hung out at the motorhome.. ate hamburgers and waited to watch the fireworks.. i love doing this it seems like the logical thing to do since you are already at the beach.. christy got the kids some kites so they played with those while we waited for it to get dark.. but it took us forever to get off the island and get home about and hour and thirty minutes.. but well worth the wait.. the kids were wore out so they slept.. very fun.. and thank goodness christy came cause we had so much fun.. too bad david wasnt able to come he had to work.. i hated that..

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


i guess some people just aren't nice.. HEY YOU LOTTERY WINNER if you don't like what is on my blog , then don't visit!!! i can't believe the nerve of some people..

taking a break today from the blog thing.. just very frusterated with a lot of things right now..