Saturday, July 26, 2008


your experience with learning to do something..
* everyday is a learning experience when you have 3 kids.. i have learned that each one is very different in so many ways.. i am learning right now that i can't do all things.. sometimes i have to let things go.. let the house go, let things that really aren't that important go and let things go that people say that aren't very nice..

okay here are some layouts i done this week..
i think the kids messed with my camera.. Cole likes to take photos so he probably turned a dial and now my camera is really bad.. gotta read the thick manual to see what i need to change back.. sorry about the bad photos..

have a great saturday.


Lori K said...

Tonya, I love your pages, And yeah for IVy crawling!! Glad to see you back on the blog, computer troubles stink.

Monica M said...

These LO's are so amazing!!

Pat said...

Love your work!!