Friday, June 22, 2007

been creative lately

i love this picture of jameson.. she had her new sunglasses and wanted a picture taken with them on.. this is also a challenge i did with ONE LITTLE WORD BLOG.. The word is MY.. so thought this was a great title for my little girl...
this is cole and jameson fishing a couple of weeks ago.. david took this picture and i loved it so much.. had to get the one hour photo on this so i could do this layout.. jameson had dropped her fishing pole in the water and david never found it so i am thinking she sat with cole while he fished..

i do have more of these pond pictures i will post sometime soon.. this weekend is going to be crazy and i am not going to have time to post them maybe on monday i can..

later dawgs

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

some recent layouts

The first one is of cole at sandys pool last year.. i hand sewn all of it on the page.. took me a long time but well worth it.. this is one of my favs..

The second is of my grandma thomas.. this one i have been wanting to do for a while. and these are the only pictures i have with my grandma and cole..

The third is my pregnancy journal.. with every pregnancy i have a journal.. it is a way to keep track of the progress and i love to go back and read things that happened because we all quickly forget the past..

The fourth is pinwheels.. i have been loving this picture of cole for so long and finally figured out what i wanted to do.. the little triangles are photo corners that i put together..

so this is what i have been up to lately.. trying to stay cool and getting things done with the kids and my scrapbook pages.. gotta get as much as i can do now before the baby gets here and then i really won't have time for scrapbooking.. and i will be doing more on the new baby than the kids so.. i am really trying to get coles baby pictures done.. it seems like i don't have enough of him when he was little so doing what i can find and what i have.. so if you do have any please let me borrow them so i can scan them and scrapbook them..

later dawgs

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Pictures from the beach

Took some pictures at the beach sunday.. we went to the beach and spent some time with dad.. had a great time.. jameson picked up a baby hammerhead shark.. it was dead and had gotten in a cove (?) and could not get back into the ocean.. jameson picked it up and was amazed by it. i got my feet burned and i was under and umbrella most of the time.

12 weeks today.. getting past the 1st trimester is relieving for me.. the second trimester is not so bad.. and my belly is a bump now. well a little one.. i haven't gain to much weight yet.. going to the dr on the 28th.. can't wait to hear the heart beat..

later everyone..

Monday, June 04, 2007

it rained this weekend!!

Saturday we went to savannah to pick up our prepared meals from supper studio.. got some really good meals..
we had our first meal saturday night.. really good stuff.. it rained on us the whole time we were in savannah.. we wanted to look at some cars but it rained so hard we just could not look inside or anything.. we would get soaked just to go out and look at one for a minute or two.. so not good.. so we came home and the kids and david played outside in the rain.. i got some really good pictures of them throwing mud and jameson in her underware playing in the rain.. really cute

I am feeling better.. i got some different medicine that doesn't make me sit inside and not go out in the sun either.. richard and lillian have a pool and i haven't been able to go swimming because of the meds i was taking.. got those changed but i haven't had to take it because i really don't have it much.. i did have some cramps and some sickness sunday.. not sure why.. but i feel good today so that is a good thing.. just taking it day by day with the morning sickness..

By the way if you aren't watching Soprano then what are you watching?? oh my goodness i was shocked last night..i can't wait till next sunday when the finale of this show and that is it..i am a little sad.. well very sad.. on memorial day i was not feeling well and i watched sopranos all day long till i went to sleep monday night watching reruns of this show on A&E.. i love this show. not as much as LOST but it is my second place.. it is one of the best shows ever on TV..

here are some pics

later dawgs..