Wednesday, June 20, 2007

some recent layouts

The first one is of cole at sandys pool last year.. i hand sewn all of it on the page.. took me a long time but well worth it.. this is one of my favs..

The second is of my grandma thomas.. this one i have been wanting to do for a while. and these are the only pictures i have with my grandma and cole..

The third is my pregnancy journal.. with every pregnancy i have a journal.. it is a way to keep track of the progress and i love to go back and read things that happened because we all quickly forget the past..

The fourth is pinwheels.. i have been loving this picture of cole for so long and finally figured out what i wanted to do.. the little triangles are photo corners that i put together..

so this is what i have been up to lately.. trying to stay cool and getting things done with the kids and my scrapbook pages.. gotta get as much as i can do now before the baby gets here and then i really won't have time for scrapbooking.. and i will be doing more on the new baby than the kids so.. i am really trying to get coles baby pictures done.. it seems like i don't have enough of him when he was little so doing what i can find and what i have.. so if you do have any please let me borrow them so i can scan them and scrapbook them..

later dawgs

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