Monday, June 30, 2008


just found out i didn't win the gauntlet.. and the person that won is very talented and i myself loved her layouts.. i really didn't lose anything though.. i won alot more.. inspiration and more friends and a new website i really love.. so no tears for me.. i did get runner up and that means $15 gift card.. yeah..

so here is my entry for the last round.. one of my favorites.. i am also adding this one of me and jameson my other fav right now...

Sunday, June 29, 2008


just got home from church.. and man it feels good to have a priest now.. i felt the "welcome" in the air. been a while for me to feel good about going to church or being there.. i don't think it has to do with who was filling in, I just have been not fulfilled at all. i hate to admit that but it is true.. when father chris left it was devastating for me. i felt so attached to him and his family that i learned a great deal with him leaving... so yeah i feel good today about going to church and being there. i miss father chris and now i think that father lee is going to fit us as a congregation so well..

okay this weekend has been the ice cream social so i am going to post some layouts during the week.. i have done a good bit. and i also find out about the finals tomorrow (i hope) and the design team for Scrapperie.. i applied for the design team. having a blast at that website.. i feel right at home there.. so if you aren't seeing me around 2peas it is because i am at scrapperie. (sorry dw girls but i will be back to chat)..i don't know what it is about scrapperie but it is something there that i really love.. everyone is not afraid to chat and try to get to know you.. okay for the nonscrapbookers this is so boring..

Friday, June 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Christy

happy birthday to you happy birthday dear christy happy birthday to you... and many more...............

I love you girl..
so lets go have some drinks to celebrate real soon...

Thursday, June 19, 2008


the layout of Richard and Ivy (Pappy give me a drink)... i just finished my layout for round 6.. and starting on all the sketches from my class i am taking..

Ivy got 3 shots today so she is going to be a little grumpy for a couple of days.. she doesn't take those shots to well.. and then in 8 weeks she has to take 3 more.. didn't know she was behind on her shots.. i am thinking a couple of months ago she had a fever and so now she is behind.. geez i hate it when she gets shots..

Jameson is at little light of mine today with her friends while cole and i get some alone time.. he is getting older and really needs some one on one time.. so he just made a door hanger that says no girls allowed.. will take a pic of it later.. i found some camo paper for him to use.. it turned out really cute..

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day 6-15-08

Happy Fathers day to....
my hubby David, Richard, Walter, Shannon, James, Shane, and lastly My Dad who is honestly the best dad ever.. thanks dad for all the great memories and being not only my dad but also my best friend.. brings a smile to my face and warmth in my heart.. thank god i have you in my life.. also my valentine..

today was a great day spending it with David and Richard.. i love both of them so much.. just so glad i got to spend the day with them..

i have a special fathers day layout of Richard but i didn't get a chance to take a photo of it but it will be up this week sometime..

still waiting to find out if i made it to round 6.. i am not really that anxious to find out and usually i am a little anxious at refreshing every minute but not today.. i am very proud to be in this group of women they all did such fabulous jobs i don't feel the slightest about not making it to round 6...
will post later when i find out..

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


i finally got my mini album done.. just have to post it.. i won't post it here until the contest is over on sunday..

we went to the beach on sunday and had a great time.. met dad there and adam and christy came later with jameson and holly.. i took river and cole.. we were all so tired when we got home..
some pics from this weekend.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


I can't believe it.. i just can't.. so much talent.. i really didn't think i would make it to round 5.. so now i have to make a mini album.. and i have the albums but now i need to decide on what i am going to do.. it has to have a "SIMPLE" theme.. so i am bashing around on this theme.. i have some ideas but i will keep that to myself.. have to have at least 5 photos so thinking of what photos.. okay enough of this.. here is the layout that inspired me.. it was the art piece from Georgia O'Keeffe.. sunflowers..

most of you don't know but i love love love sunflowers.. still have that blanket Christy..

the other layout is of Cole.. i love this photo of him..

i probably won't be on here much for a couple of days.. trying to move all my time to the mini album want to do the best i can.. so i will keep everyone posted..

later everyone

Sunday, June 01, 2008


i am waiting on the result for the gauntlet this morning.. i really don't think i will make it but i did my best and that is all i can ask for.. there was alot of great layouts so i would not be upset at all.. okay moving on...

Ivy is keeping me up alot at night.. today i feel like a zombie.. i think i got maybe 5 hours last night.. tylenol and motrin is not helping her realive the pain from her teeth.. and all she wants me to do is hold her.. and that is hard for momma to do when she is completely exhausted.. so today i hope when david gets up i can rest a little before we go to grandmas for her birthday dinner..

here are some more layouts i have done.. i will post my gauntlet one sometime this week..

later everyone