Thursday, June 19, 2008


the layout of Richard and Ivy (Pappy give me a drink)... i just finished my layout for round 6.. and starting on all the sketches from my class i am taking..

Ivy got 3 shots today so she is going to be a little grumpy for a couple of days.. she doesn't take those shots to well.. and then in 8 weeks she has to take 3 more.. didn't know she was behind on her shots.. i am thinking a couple of months ago she had a fever and so now she is behind.. geez i hate it when she gets shots..

Jameson is at little light of mine today with her friends while cole and i get some alone time.. he is getting older and really needs some one on one time.. so he just made a door hanger that says no girls allowed.. will take a pic of it later.. i found some camo paper for him to use.. it turned out really cute..

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