Monday, April 30, 2007

surprise i'm pregnant...

yeah i was surprised friday when i found out.. went to the dr about my hands and he drew some blood wenesday and friday i had my appointment.. so i asked him did you do a test to see if i was pregnant.. he said no but we can if you like.. well i was going to have to have xrays so i thought i might be a good idea.. plus i was having the signs of being pregnant.. so they didn't have one at the office so i went to walmart to tell david what was going on and that i might be pregnant he was like okay just let me know.. so i went home toke the test and it said i was pregnant.. called david and told him.. he was happy and i was shocked.. had to sit and take it all in. that we were going to be a larger family..

so i am tired and i am nauseas most of the morning and daytime.. more tired in the daytime.. i have been napping as much as i can.. and i am not working as much because of my hands.. hoping my obgyn will let me go to the chiroprator for my neck.. the doctor said i had something to do with a disk so i gotta get the okay from my obgyn first...

so saturday is national scrapbook day and i am really excited to be there all day. so looking forward to that too..

later dawgs..

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

it is smoky here!!!!!

the fires are still burning in waycross.. and right now we are getting some smoke from somewhere.. i thought it was at my in laws house went down there to check and there is nothing burning there.. thank goodness.. i get a little worried being around all these fields that they could catch on fire real easy right now since it is so dry here.. we need some rain really bad here..

went today to get some blood work done and going to see the dr friday.. my hands have been giving me some trouble for a while now.. getting real worried.. i just don't have the strength in them anymore.. it is getting to the point where i can't pick the coffee pot up.. and that means i have to get something done about this.. i can't hardly get jameson out of her carseat sometimes.. i just don't have the grasp to push things and hold things.. when i went and got my blood drawn the nurse knew i was nervous and yeah i was.. it takes nurses forever to get my blood.. they have a hard time finding my veins.. and usually they have to take it out from on top of my hand and that really hurts so i was praying they would not have to do that today.. so had a great nurse that got some blood from my arm.. thank goodnes..

so here are my latest layouts.. some i admitted to some contests and some on 2peas..enjoy..

later dawgs

Monday, April 23, 2007

happy monday

this weekend has been so nice outside.. we have been doing alot of yard cleaning and planting flowers.. and we even put some mulch down.. it is looking so great around here..

cole has been playing ball so david got these pictures saturday.. he is doing really alot more ball playing this coming up month.. he gets his pictures taken today and then a game.. hope to see you there...

jameson wanted these cute sunglasses with princess on them.. she has been wearing them everywhere.. so she wanted her pictures taken with them..

been trying to do some scrapbooking but just don't have the mojo lately.. but did some and entered them into some contests.. keeping my fingers crossed..

later dawgs..

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Earth Day

If you don't know i recycle as much as i can.. espeically those walmart bags.. you know plastic doesn't recycle.. so today is Earth Day so lets do something today to clean up this wonderful Earth that we live on.. recycle what you can.. reuse things that can be used.. plant a tree.. and watch Planet Earth if you aren't already.. this is one of the best shows on Tv right now.. and it is great for the kids also.. we need to understand that if we don't do something now what are our children going to have to deal with when they are 50?

I have always loved nature and now Jameson and Cole they love to watch things grow.. and especially animal planet.. the kids would rather watch animal planet then cartoon network..

Lets make a change in this world..recycle and use those things that are recycled or biodegradable.. or make a small change..just do something..

later dawgs

Monday, April 16, 2007

What's your fave beverage of choice?

love this question..
in the mornings i love coffee.. i love gourmet coffee especially.. with cream.. the international coffee cream.. not the powder..

i am in love with sam's choice is really good and not that expensive.. i buy at least 2 of these a week. and sometimes i have to make my own.. so lots of lemons in this house..

i love coke.. i mean who doesn't but i try to only drink one at work.. i can drink more but i usually won't.. we have a ice machine at work so i will get water after that first coke..

sweet tea is great too.. but i love it with lemons also..

ever since i was pregnant with jameson i have loved lemons with everything.. just not by themselves.. lemons in anything i really love except my coffee.. not so good with that..

later dawgs..
getting some layouts done.. so will post later this week with them..


Saturday, April 14, 2007

this one goes out to christy..

christy sent me this song and i could not listen to it so i went to itunes and bought the song.. she said it reminded her of me.. i got choked up.. i had to look up the lyrics to find out what he saying.. found it and decided to do a layout of it and inserted some of the lyrics.. this girl means so much to me and my family..we have always had a love hate relationship and that is what makes us such great friends.. we are so opposite but love the same things.. does that make sense? well it does in our friendship.. i love you christy so very much.. and miss you so much. can't wait to see you in the summer..


when the water's high
when the weather's not so fair
when the well runs dry
who's gonna be there

you find out who you're friends are
somebody's gonna drop everything
run out and crank up their car
hit the gas get there fast

never stop to think
"what's in it for me" or "it's way too far"

they just show on up
with their big ole heart

you find out who you're friends are..........

christy you are so right.. i would do anything for you and you know it.. love you girl...


Thursday, April 05, 2007

busy busy busy

wow this week has flown by for me.. i have been so busy with the kids getting them ready for easter and cole baseball practice and everything that comes with it.. i am really wiped out also.. tomorrow will be friday and the dedication to the boardwalk here in town for davids papa.. someone i really miss.. but i feel his spirit alot and i know this boardwalk/ nature trail is going to be something i will also enjoy also.. so i am really looking forward to that tomorrow.. saturday is going to be busy also.. i gotta get an outfit for easter, gotta make some carrot cakes, and mow the grass hopefully.. so it is going to be a busy one this weekend..
so a little pic for the upcoming easter season..

i went to pick jameson up from school this afternoon and all the kids had there rabbit face on.. so cute.. jameson was moving her mouth around like a bunny too.. to cute..

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

i won something...

i entered my name on a blog and i won.. i just can't believe it.. so i get free scrapbook stuff.. don't know what it is but i really don't care.. so happy to find that out..

so more layouts i guess..

Monday, April 02, 2007

layouts layouts and more layouts..

so if you see the badge over here -------> please make a difference..
i love ali edwards and she is a talented artist.. and she has a son that has autism.. she has raised so much money for this organization and i felt so overwhelemed by her.. to make a difference to make a change in our lives.. i myself am so fortunate.. so please give a little or alot..

and now some layouts i have done this week...

later dawgs..