Sunday, April 22, 2007

Earth Day

If you don't know i recycle as much as i can.. espeically those walmart bags.. you know plastic doesn't recycle.. so today is Earth Day so lets do something today to clean up this wonderful Earth that we live on.. recycle what you can.. reuse things that can be used.. plant a tree.. and watch Planet Earth if you aren't already.. this is one of the best shows on Tv right now.. and it is great for the kids also.. we need to understand that if we don't do something now what are our children going to have to deal with when they are 50?

I have always loved nature and now Jameson and Cole they love to watch things grow.. and especially animal planet.. the kids would rather watch animal planet then cartoon network..

Lets make a change in this world..recycle and use those things that are recycled or biodegradable.. or make a small change..just do something..

later dawgs

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