Tuesday, August 21, 2007

more layouts..

I really like the one of grandma riding the jet ski for the first time.. that picture is priceless.. so getting some cards made and of course some pages done.. then going to start on Ivy's album real soon... We are trying to get her room together and have the paint color i want just have to get the paint and HOPEFULLY david will paint her room since i can't paint her room.. then put everything together.. i went through all Jamesons cloths and can't find alot of her cloths.. and threw out some stuff that was soiled so have some shopping to do.. gotta get a boppy cause i gave mine to Jennifer and James.. and of course diapers.. the kids are realizing it is going to be a girl now.. and hopefully Cole can deal with the baby not being a boy.. i think he will be fine.. i just tell him he is my special boy and i was meant to only have him for a son.. (i am gonna cry).... okay later everyone..
oh i can smell football season coming... the smell oh gosh.. can't wait for some black olives and that cheese dip..

Monday, August 20, 2007

okay i am back

Thank you Wendy for fixing my blog..

she said now i need to keep posting so i am..

We found out last week we are going to have a baby girl.. her name is going to be IVY RUTH..

Just Ivy though middle name Ruth.. everyone i have asked loved it so that made me feel so much better about her name.. and it isn't long either which makes it better when you are calling Jameson so much..here is some layouts i have been doing lately..

This one of my grandma is one my favorites.. i just love this photo.. this will probably not be the only layout i use with that photo..


Thursday, August 02, 2007

having problems

i don't know what is going on with the profile and all my links but they are at the bottom.. i haven't changed anything so don't know what is going on.. going to see if all the photos yesterday made something move or change..
will be back later to post coles first day of school..


Wednesday, August 01, 2007

i'm a slacker... sorry

it has been a crazy month for me.. cole starting school jameson starting school of discovery and everything else thrown in.. i got some pictures from when we were in athens.. cole caught a huge fish at grandpas pond.. and some of the kids at the lake..then sometime this week i will put coles first day of school pictures..