Thursday, June 29, 2006

more pictures and my opinions

i am really looking forward to some vacation time with the kids..not sure what we are going to do but being together is more important..david has a whole week off and i have 2 weeks some of that will be getting ready to have a yard sale and cleaning up the yards and off fun stuff..or that is my plans..

then jameson starts her new school the week after the 4th..i got laid off for that week but i already decided to let her go instead..give me and cole some time alone..he doesn't always get that one on one with me..hopefully it will not be that busy for me..but i know it will be busy...especially when you have 2 kids saying mama all the time..

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

family reunion

I am not much into getting together with people i don't know...I feel really uncomfortable with people i don't know, i guess i have been very shy all of my life.. now that i am married to someone that doesn't really care about that sort of thing is not really that easy...david doesn't introduce me to his family so it gets a little uneasy for me to go up to people and introduce this weekend was a good time.. although there were alot of relatives i didn't know..if i could wish on some things that would be one of them.. to just be like david and go up to anyone and talk with them...i have always had a problem with being shy... i just hope cole and jameson aren't shy like i am cause it is really a pain in the ass..

i know the kids had a good time in the water and with there cousin the picture is of cole holding how they are both smiling...and jameson she was holding her hand everywhere..i guess she was just happy to see someone her size..i will post more pictures coming soon..

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

happy birthday christy!!!

i am sooo very lucky to have a best friend like christy...i can't remember when we weren't friends....i have this picture of her and david in middle school..and look at us now.. we are still all good friends...i don't need a lot of friends when it comes to having such a great friend like christy...we have been through just about everything together..and i know we will always be the best of friends. what can i say about her but good things she's kind and generous and loving....i am also soo very happy that she moved back from california...that way we can hang out and chat while drinking a few margaritas... like saturday night..had a good time just hanging out on her porch just talking a sipping happy birthday christy..lets celebrate!!!!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

this weekend

picture of jameson and racheal.. good picture of them...this week has been busy like always.. trying to get ready for the reunion this weekend..then the fourth will be here and i really can't wait for that...david will be on vacation and so will i..we are going to jekyll with dad and the family and hopefully meet the new lady in my dads life...the way dad talks about her i think i will really like looking forward to vacation and spending time with family...seems like that is all i do...but i wouldn't have it any other way! we ate at richard and lillians last night and it was really nice to eat and socialize with the in laws and grandma...jameson and cole got in the sprinklers after dinner..jameson had to take all of her cloths off and cole was in his underware..he is getting older and realizing you can't wear underware around anyone now..and he is starting to not hug me in front of other at the boys and girls club in the morning he doesn't want to kiss or hug me..he is growing up too fast...too fast...

Monday, June 19, 2006

fathers day

wow this weekend was busy....we went to statesboro saturday to celebrate walters birthday...then sunday we went to the beach and celebrated fathers day with my dad...and he is doing what he loves to grill chicken....i forgot my camera at the beach but i did take some pics when we got back to dads house...will post eventually...but had a great time..i think fathers and dads are not appreciated enough...they are the men that make our sons men and our daughters there little girls forever...i think right now in my life all my family are happy...and that is more than i can ever ask sisters have found guys that make them happy and that is what i have always wanted for them...and my dad has found someone right now i am really enjoying looking at there happy faces and knowing they are truely happy... i mean that is what we live for happiness and this fathers day was really good for me...david had to work but we made the best of the day we could spend with him...cooked breakfast for him and got him a really nice drill set that he wanted....i didn't get to see richard for fathers day but i will make that up this week..hope everyone has a happy monday.... me i took the day off to clean the house and catch up on the reunion this weekend...and you know how i am i don't want anyone to see a dirty gotta go clean the floors and such....

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

fathers day my dad

since fathers day is coming up i want to give a thanks to the many fathers out there....but i am kind of bias when it comes to dads...well he is the only one i have...i just can't say enough about how great he is..supportive and a great grandpa..always there when i need new tires...he was there when i needed someone to keep cole while i was working my second job...i could depend on him when i needed a friend or and ear...although i know sometimes he wished i would shut up... i learned the best gift is your time and he taught me that in a little card i got a couple of years ago... he is always busy but he does find the time to spend with you... i truely love my every way...i know it was not easy working 2 jobs and raising a family but i think we all turned out just right....last year we went to the beach for fathers day and i just hope we get to spend time with him at the beach this year...i know if dad wanted anything he would want to just relax and enjoy life...and take it easy...

Sunday, June 04, 2006

i love to be outside

we went to the park friday afternoon and these are some of the pictures i took of the kids...they were sliding down the BIG slide together..thank goodness my camera is fast i didn't have a lot of time to get this picture together but i love it.. love the angle and there smiles..
it seems like we just need to pitch a tent outside and live out there...we are never inside during this hot weather..we went to nana's pool saturday and sunday...saturday afternoon we went over to river and hollys and picked them up...we had a full house with them there...we had lots of fun with them.. the kids just love them...i was so busy with them that i didn't even get out my camera...not a good mama!!! we had a great time sunday too we went to childrens church and made kites cause this sunday is penetocast(?)...and we celebrated our churches birthday..we ate lunch at pappy and mamos and then off we went back to nana's pool with river and holly...they had so much fun with us, i hate to take them home...they get along so well with jameson and cole..they never fight and they most of the time share...and right now that is a big deal...i mean big deal with a 2 year old...well hope everyone else had a great time this weekend too....

Friday, June 02, 2006

it is hot

today i went and took jameson to dr smith and i was thrilled to know that she didn't have to do that allergy test....he said that her chest was not full of that mucus stuff but her sinus cavities were and that he didn't think she needed thank god!!!! i didn't want anymore meds for her.. i hate that she is taking 3 different meds...i think kids are so over medicated..and sometimes things need to take there course.. so that is done.... cole had to go through all of that when he was jamesons age and i really hated it...and now he has no problems... huh i wonder why??? i think it is just a growing thing... the kids in jamesons class have runny noses too so i think it is a stage..but what do i know i am just a dr smith only prescribed her one med and that is it.. i can handle that.. and the other two she takes until gone and then we will see what happens... i also think that this old house is not good either...i was thinking of looking into a air cleaner.. maybe that will help too...

i hope the plans this weekend consists of staying cool cause it is hot outside!!!and it is not any cooler in here.. it is so hard to cool this house..i love this house but it sure comes with a lot of headaches too!!!