Tuesday, June 20, 2006

this weekend

picture of jameson and racheal.. good picture of them...this week has been busy like always.. trying to get ready for the reunion this weekend..then the fourth will be here and i really can't wait for that...david will be on vacation and so will i..we are going to jekyll with dad and the family and hopefully meet the new lady in my dads life...the way dad talks about her i think i will really like her...so looking forward to vacation and spending time with family...seems like that is all i do...but i wouldn't have it any other way! we ate at richard and lillians last night and it was really nice to eat and socialize with the in laws and grandma...jameson and cole got in the sprinklers after dinner..jameson had to take all of her cloths off and cole was in his underware..he is getting older and realizing you can't wear underware around anyone now..and he is starting to not hug me in front of other kids..like at the boys and girls club in the morning he doesn't want to kiss or hug me..he is growing up too fast...too fast...

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