Wednesday, May 31, 2006

good picture of us

heather took this picture of us... thank goodness i finally found it on my puter..i couldn't find it..this was taken on saturday at the pool...if you don't know the pool wasn't completely full but we took advantage of it did finally get water in it but the kids had fun playing in the half way pool for a while.. me and david don't have that many pictures of us together so more the merrier...thanks heather..

the other pic is cole sliding down the sliding board.. i love shows how much fun he really had on the sliding board.. i know when we were younger we had lots of fun on has been around a long time.. i mean a long used to be at my grandmas pool back when i was a that must tell you something...

i will keep posting pictures from this weekend so hold on people!!!!!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

gotta a actress

when i uploaded my pictures yesterday what came to mind was that movie with bo derek and the beads in her hair...humm i think it is called TEN not sure what that movie was.. but she is running on the beach with that one piece bathing know what i am talking had to post this was too funny not too..

dad had got cole his bike from his house and brought it to the beach with his was so windy i think it was really kind of hard paddling the bike towards the wind so before we left dad got the great idea to ride against the wind up on the pavement then get on the beach and ride towards us with the wind...cole was really excited about riding his bike on the beach...he really loves that...

Monday, May 29, 2006

Great weekend

I just got home and loaded pictures from this weekend... wow what a weekend i had..we don't do much like go on a lot of trips around the world or take vacations to other places..but for me it is the simple things i love most...seeing the smiles on there faces and coming home and they are wore out from a good time....i wish i could upload the video i have of jameson dancing but i couldn't.. so here is one with jameson and wendy at the beach on memorial day...jameson wanted her picture taken of her feet dangling from wendy's chair.. it was really funny...then the one with cole is at sandy's pool on saturday... sunday we really just rested our sun burns and got things ready for today... we did play in the sprinklers some on sunday just to stay cool... hope everyone had a great memorial day weekend.. thank our heros please!!!!!

Friday, May 26, 2006

oh mc dreamy!!!!

I have loved this man since Cant buy me Love... one of my altime favorite movies..he is just soo sooo soooooo beautiful... did i say beautiful?? now i have him on my desktop and i can see him everyday until greys comes back on in the fall.. ( so heather i know you liked the picture so now you can have it on your desktop)...

did anyone see lost wenesday? love that show...(love greys better though)...all of my shows are just hanging until fall...i really hate that... but did learn alot about everything.. i couldn't miss lost but i couldn't miss american idol either.. i was myself lost.. but i did find my way back to lost because to me AI was so lame.. all these old school singers coming back to make an appearance was really dumb to me..i hope next year they don't do that.....

YEAH TAYLOR!!!!!!i voted for him as much as i could, which was only twice...i did like seeing Prince though...

i hope everyone has a great memorial day.. we need to remember those heros...and those family of the military.. they don't ever get enough credit..they are the ones taking care of the famiy while there loved ones are gone away....

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

been sick

Something is going around this area with the stomach virus.. that is why i haven't blogged lately.. me and david have been on our dealth bed with this virus.. and today i feel a little back to life.. i am still a little weak though.. i am not going to go into details about it.. i just hope jameson doesn't get sick..

here is a picture of me and jameson just messing around.. i really like it.. that was on saturday when we were outside swimming in her little pool..

Sunday, May 21, 2006

jameson in the pool

i went and got a pool yesterday for jameson to play in.. sandy and dani were sick and i had told jameson we were going to play in the pool so i just went to walmart and got her one... she had a good time in the water.. although it was really cold she still had fun.. then when david came home he put his swimmies on and got in there with her..

Saturday, May 20, 2006

coles last day of school

coles last day of school was so much fun.. they had field day and it was all about getting wet.. they had so much fun.. they went from one activity to the other.. the activity lasted about 10 minutes. i took about 100 pictures.. i wanted to capture all of it.. at the end the firemen came out with there hoses and wet all the kids and some of the teachers too!! so this is the picture of them getting wet.. i was really kind of sad cause cole had a really good teacher this year.. so school is over till august.. he is gone for a while with his dad and then he will be around so if anyone wants to spend some time with him let me know.. he will be at a friends when david and i both have to work.. going to take jameson swimming in her little pool today so i will post pictures tomorrow of her in her cute bathing suit..

Friday, May 19, 2006

where is your blog???

challenge for today!!!! open your own blog so i can read and look at whatever is on your mind... i love reading about people and i read ALOT of blogs.. people are so interesting in there element.. and for me it is a relaxing.. and it is really fun.. i don't feel good if i don't blog everyday.. i have always kept a journal and so this is really the easiest way to keep a journal for myself.. and i get to post pictures.. and some of you have myspace but i really HATE myspace.. there is to much to do for myspace and i feel a little to old for all that stuff.. so why not have your own blog??? do it and then let me know so i can learn more about you.. there is so much to learn from everyone.. i bet there is something you learned from me on my blog... i bet there is..

Thursday, May 18, 2006

getting an ipod

i can't wait to get this.. i put one of layaway today... and the right color too.. i love anything black.. well except licorice...but i have been wanting one for a while so i treated myself to a layaway for it.. i have about 900 songs now on my playlist so i am ready for an ipod.... and now i can download my favorite shows like greys, lost and desperate housewives... and probably many more.. oh the office since i don't get a chance to watch that... can't wait... it is going to take me a while but i will get it.. have to slack off my scrapbook supplies for a while but that is well worth it.. i mean well worth it... so i am having issues with tires lately.. don't know what is going on with tires we are spending a lot of money of tires... david had a flat tire on his care then the spare went flat now i am having a flat and the tires are under warantee thank god cause if not we would not have food on the table.. just kidding>>ha ha... so now i am driving on the doughnut until i can get a new tire in.. that will be about 4-7 days.. and i have to drive to screven everyday to go to work.. that is really going to suck well gotta do it.. hopefully it will be here before memorial day weekend.. hopefully.... well so much for today.. until next time... happy trials.... GO TAYLOR GO!!!!!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

oh my gosh!!!

I just looked at this picture and saw cole all over it.. i don't think he looks nothing like me but boy does he look like me in this picture... nothing really going on except cole is going to be gone for the next 2 weeks with josh and tracey.. they are going camping for a week and then i will get him for memorial day weekend and we are going to jekyll island ( i hope).. i am just looking forward to just getting away from everything.. and i got a new bathing suit for the summer.. and it covers everything.. so hold nobody has to hold there breath now... i am still not over the ending of greys... wow!!! now i can't wait for tonight's season finale of LOST.. can't wait for that to come on.. then i have to wait 3 months for that to come back on.. i don't know what i do when my shows aren't on tv... then there is American Idol.. i am hoping Taylor wins it... i loved his "you are so beautiful" by Joe Cocker.. great and then he sang a Otis Redding song "try a little tenderness" Love IT!! although i love otis redding and ella fitzgerald Catherine did not do a good job on her song.. sorry but "got the blues " that was not good to me.. well just my opinion.. Go taylor... i need to get on the soul patol bandwagon..

Monday, May 15, 2006

does anyone like pictures of themselves???

I hate to look at pictures of myself.. i think i am so many things when i look at one.. i wonder does anyone else think the same thing??? i need to print on out and when i feel like eating a big thing of chocolate i should look out how fat i really am and then that might keep me from eating chocolate.. if no one knows i LOVE chocolate!!! i mean i really love it!! i remember my grandma thomas used to have a drawer just for her chocolate.. i can't wait till my grandchildren come to my house cause i am gonna have one of those... filled to the rim with chocolate.. that is if i can keep grandpa davids hands out of the drawer..

i hope everyone had a great mothers day.. mine was okay.. but as i was thinking i should thank my children for me being a mom.. they made me have this wonderful unpaid job that is called mom.. if it was a paid job we would still not be paid enough.. i love being a mom and a wife.. but there are times i love being alone too.. well alot of times when i am the referee to my kids fighting.. but that is the way of life.. i know me and my sisters we fought alot and that is just the way you are when you are a kid i guess.. well happy mothers day..gotta go watch greys anatomy tonight... can't wait..the best show on tv!!!!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day

Happy mother's day sandy!!!! Love this picture of cole and sandy (nana).. You are in your element.. Thanks for all the good times and the bad times.. You have taught me so much about life, god, being a mother to my children, and love.. I know it was not easy but you did your best to raise us to be an adult.. my childhood wasn't always easy but i have learned the most important things in life and that is god and family.. can you imagine raising 4 children at about 22 years old?? you did your best with the tools you had.. i couldn't ask for more. i know i wasn't easy to raise and i am truely sorry.. but i can say you have taught me more than my mother has ever done for me..and you will always be my mom in my eyes.. being a mom is the hardest job i have ever had but it is the most enjoying also..

i remember when i first met sandy and i was so jealous.. i thought she was going to take my daddy away.. but the instant she met us she loved us and spoiled us to dealth.. one day we went to showbiz pizza and then to six flags.. i made a wish that day a six flags that my daddy would marry sandy.. and they married... now you are for always in my life.. just one wish and your were my mother forever..amazing how wishes come true... still to this day i remember where that wish was at, it was on the thunder river.. can't believe that was about 25 years ago.. i love you sandy...thanks for all the memories and your support through these years i know it wasn't always easy..

Saturday, May 13, 2006

saying i love you

this was taken today at coles ballgame.. i love the picture and i don't think lillian has seen it yet.. well here it is!!! i love it.. it oozes love.. can i just say how much i love my mother-in-love!!! it is mothers day tomorrow and i appreciate it more than ever.. it is so hard being a mom and it has to be really hard being a mother in law.. but i have never felt that way about mine.. she is also my silver best friend... she is such a wonderful person and beautiful.. i hope i look that damn good when i am her age(without the high heels)..i admire her in so many ways.. i remember the first time i brought cole to her house, i was really nervous and i was hoping cole would be on his best behavior..i think we were all a little unsure what was going to happen in the future with david and I, but lillian made cole feel special and in the end made me feel better too.. i was so nervous though.. and then we told them we were pregnant.. i remember that day like it was yesterday..we had to try and find grandma to tell her the good news.. we never found her, but we were so excited.. lillian has been there the whole time for me since i have joined the family and i just don't want it any other way.. i truely love you to sandy you are the closest i have to a mother and i am so honored to be you daughter in love... happy mothers day!!!!i love you..

Friday, May 12, 2006


These hands... are the ones that bind us together...are the ones that hold us...are the ones that create art...these hands are my children...these hands are my future....these hands are the ones i kiss... these hands are always growing... these hands will someday belong to another.. these hands are brother and sister
a little something about what i think of when i look at this picture of cole and jameson's hands together... i did a page on it last week at national scrapbook day... i will post that later..

so much going on in the world.. it is really hard to keep up.. lets pray for the madray family.. clint madray was a member of our church and they really need our prayers in this time.. such a wonderful man..

oh and i am still crying over chris daughtry leaving AI.. can't believe it!! but i am getting to the point where maybe that was the best thing for him.. can't wait for his album to come out.. i will be in line for that one..

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

back to normal

i have had a really busy week.. that is why i haven't had time to do my blog.. i really don't like not writing in my blog.. so this picture is of cole last friday at his tea party that we had outside. we sat on his towel and had snacks.. some of his friends came to sit with us.. it was alot of fun just cole and i.. i try to spend some just cole and i time but it is really hard sometimes.. and these events make him really happy when someone comes.. the last day of school is going to be one of those times too.. i think they are having a field day so i will be going to that also.. i really can't wait for that.. and plus he has been at josh's all week.. he rode the bus home yesterday and was really sad for some reason.. i kept asking him was there something wrong and he just said "I miss you moma".. i felt really good but i had to explain that he needed to spend some time with his dad, because he missed you.. i think he understood what i was explaining.. so he comes home this friday and that will be back to normal for us.. i hate it when he is not at home it seems like something is always missing.. but i know it is important for him to see his dad and that is alright..

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

coles tooth is gone!!!!

cole had called me on saturday and said his tooth had came out.. he couldn't find it at the time he had called but he finally found it... he looks so different now without his top tooth gone.. he got $2 from the tooth fairy..

and today josh came and picked cole up.. i wish i had the camera out cause he was really excited about seeing his daddy.. i know josh was excited too.. so cole is going to be spending some time with him this week till next week.. on friday at school he has a party at school i am going to attend.. it starts at 1 if anyone would like to come.. and ends about 2..

in jamesons world well we are having a hard time with her sleeping in her bed and going to sleep.. she wants to sleep on the floor.. i have went into her room a couple of times and found her on the floor asleep.. don't understand that one.. someone please explain that for me.. i don't think she is taking a nap at daycare.. and she is so tired when i pick her up and then she doesn't want to go to bed.. so right now she is whinning in her bed.. love the terrible two's .. i just wonder when it is over..

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

game of life

it's spring and i love this weather.. this is a picture of jameson chasing a butterfly around the azalea... then a close up of the flower and butterfly.. love these pictures.. i am pretty proud of the close up of the butterfly..

and spring comes ballgames.. cole is in his moods when he is so tired to do anything and then on the days he plays ball he can't wait to get there to play.. yesterday was a really bad day of playing ball the other team really took a wiping on us.. you could tell they eat, sleep and dream of baseball.. so coach called last night and wanted the kids to practice tommorrow.. i didn't think it was that bad.. and it is only midget ball they don't even keep score.. some of the moms up there though they need to know the score of the game.. that really irritates me because it is just a game.. i mean can't they just have fun without worrying about a score??? don't we have plenty of time for that in the next years to come?? to many parents want there children to win at everything, i think they need to learn the rules of the game the idea of playing.. then they can worry about losing and winning.. i want cole and jameson to learn that there are bad days and good days to everyone.. sometimes we play to win and sometimes we play to lose.. when i was playing ball we always lost.. it seemed to me that screven teams never won at anything... i always wanted to beat odum though but never did.. but when i left the game i always knew i tried my best.. and that is what i hope cole and jameson know when they walk away from the game..