Tuesday, May 02, 2006

game of life

it's spring and i love this weather.. this is a picture of jameson chasing a butterfly around the azalea... then a close up of the flower and butterfly.. love these pictures.. i am pretty proud of the close up of the butterfly..

and spring comes ballgames.. cole is in his moods when he is so tired to do anything and then on the days he plays ball he can't wait to get there to play.. yesterday was a really bad day of playing ball the other team really took a wiping on us.. you could tell they eat, sleep and dream of baseball.. so coach called last night and wanted the kids to practice tommorrow.. i didn't think it was that bad.. and it is only midget ball they don't even keep score.. some of the moms up there though they need to know the score of the game.. that really irritates me because it is just a game.. i mean can't they just have fun without worrying about a score??? don't we have plenty of time for that in the next years to come?? to many parents want there children to win at everything, i think they need to learn the rules of the game the idea of playing.. then they can worry about losing and winning.. i want cole and jameson to learn that there are bad days and good days to everyone.. sometimes we play to win and sometimes we play to lose.. when i was playing ball we always lost.. it seemed to me that screven teams never won at anything... i always wanted to beat odum though but never did.. but when i left the game i always knew i tried my best.. and that is what i hope cole and jameson know when they walk away from the game..

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