Wednesday, May 03, 2006

coles tooth is gone!!!!

cole had called me on saturday and said his tooth had came out.. he couldn't find it at the time he had called but he finally found it... he looks so different now without his top tooth gone.. he got $2 from the tooth fairy..

and today josh came and picked cole up.. i wish i had the camera out cause he was really excited about seeing his daddy.. i know josh was excited too.. so cole is going to be spending some time with him this week till next week.. on friday at school he has a party at school i am going to attend.. it starts at 1 if anyone would like to come.. and ends about 2..

in jamesons world well we are having a hard time with her sleeping in her bed and going to sleep.. she wants to sleep on the floor.. i have went into her room a couple of times and found her on the floor asleep.. don't understand that one.. someone please explain that for me.. i don't think she is taking a nap at daycare.. and she is so tired when i pick her up and then she doesn't want to go to bed.. so right now she is whinning in her bed.. love the terrible two's .. i just wonder when it is over..

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