Wednesday, May 10, 2006

back to normal

i have had a really busy week.. that is why i haven't had time to do my blog.. i really don't like not writing in my blog.. so this picture is of cole last friday at his tea party that we had outside. we sat on his towel and had snacks.. some of his friends came to sit with us.. it was alot of fun just cole and i.. i try to spend some just cole and i time but it is really hard sometimes.. and these events make him really happy when someone comes.. the last day of school is going to be one of those times too.. i think they are having a field day so i will be going to that also.. i really can't wait for that.. and plus he has been at josh's all week.. he rode the bus home yesterday and was really sad for some reason.. i kept asking him was there something wrong and he just said "I miss you moma".. i felt really good but i had to explain that he needed to spend some time with his dad, because he missed you.. i think he understood what i was explaining.. so he comes home this friday and that will be back to normal for us.. i hate it when he is not at home it seems like something is always missing.. but i know it is important for him to see his dad and that is alright..

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