Friday, May 12, 2006


These hands... are the ones that bind us together...are the ones that hold us...are the ones that create art...these hands are my children...these hands are my future....these hands are the ones i kiss... these hands are always growing... these hands will someday belong to another.. these hands are brother and sister
a little something about what i think of when i look at this picture of cole and jameson's hands together... i did a page on it last week at national scrapbook day... i will post that later..

so much going on in the world.. it is really hard to keep up.. lets pray for the madray family.. clint madray was a member of our church and they really need our prayers in this time.. such a wonderful man..

oh and i am still crying over chris daughtry leaving AI.. can't believe it!! but i am getting to the point where maybe that was the best thing for him.. can't wait for his album to come out.. i will be in line for that one..

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