Saturday, May 13, 2006

saying i love you

this was taken today at coles ballgame.. i love the picture and i don't think lillian has seen it yet.. well here it is!!! i love it.. it oozes love.. can i just say how much i love my mother-in-love!!! it is mothers day tomorrow and i appreciate it more than ever.. it is so hard being a mom and it has to be really hard being a mother in law.. but i have never felt that way about mine.. she is also my silver best friend... she is such a wonderful person and beautiful.. i hope i look that damn good when i am her age(without the high heels)..i admire her in so many ways.. i remember the first time i brought cole to her house, i was really nervous and i was hoping cole would be on his best behavior..i think we were all a little unsure what was going to happen in the future with david and I, but lillian made cole feel special and in the end made me feel better too.. i was so nervous though.. and then we told them we were pregnant.. i remember that day like it was yesterday..we had to try and find grandma to tell her the good news.. we never found her, but we were so excited.. lillian has been there the whole time for me since i have joined the family and i just don't want it any other way.. i truely love you to sandy you are the closest i have to a mother and i am so honored to be you daughter in love... happy mothers day!!!!i love you..

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Ladybug Lillian said...

Tonya, I will always remember the first time you came to my house and brought Cole too. He was and is the best grandson I could ever have; even if I am a nervous nanny. He is so precouciios, thoughtful;inquisative and loving. But he is all boy in all the most wonderful ways...he reminds me so much of David and Shannon when they were little. I consider you one of my best friends and hope it always stays that way. Thanks for all the wonderful things you said. I love you, David, Cole and Jameson with all my heart. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day.