Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day

Happy mother's day sandy!!!! Love this picture of cole and sandy (nana).. You are in your element.. Thanks for all the good times and the bad times.. You have taught me so much about life, god, being a mother to my children, and love.. I know it was not easy but you did your best to raise us to be an adult.. my childhood wasn't always easy but i have learned the most important things in life and that is god and family.. can you imagine raising 4 children at about 22 years old?? you did your best with the tools you had.. i couldn't ask for more. i know i wasn't easy to raise and i am truely sorry.. but i can say you have taught me more than my mother has ever done for me..and you will always be my mom in my eyes.. being a mom is the hardest job i have ever had but it is the most enjoying also..

i remember when i first met sandy and i was so jealous.. i thought she was going to take my daddy away.. but the instant she met us she loved us and spoiled us to dealth.. one day we went to showbiz pizza and then to six flags.. i made a wish that day a six flags that my daddy would marry sandy.. and they married... now you are for always in my life.. just one wish and your were my mother forever..amazing how wishes come true... still to this day i remember where that wish was at, it was on the thunder river.. can't believe that was about 25 years ago.. i love you sandy...thanks for all the memories and your support through these years i know it wasn't always easy..

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Sandy said...

Yes I cried, because you have became such a beautiful, wonderful, loving, person, and I was priviledged to watch you grow in to this person ( I forgot the best little mom I know). I have always felt that God put all of you in my life for a special reason, one I know is to come to know him and to serve him, all of you have done that. What is really a blessing with you is you are teaching your children these same things - to go to church regular, about God, about what is right and wrong, and that things don't always go out way - we take them in stide and do what we have to just because that it life. These are big lessons in life that I love seeing in you. thank you for letting me be a part of your life, David's, Cole's, and Jameson's. I love all of you. Happy Mother's Day to you. Sandy

P.S. I will always remember the wish.