Monday, May 15, 2006

does anyone like pictures of themselves???

I hate to look at pictures of myself.. i think i am so many things when i look at one.. i wonder does anyone else think the same thing??? i need to print on out and when i feel like eating a big thing of chocolate i should look out how fat i really am and then that might keep me from eating chocolate.. if no one knows i LOVE chocolate!!! i mean i really love it!! i remember my grandma thomas used to have a drawer just for her chocolate.. i can't wait till my grandchildren come to my house cause i am gonna have one of those... filled to the rim with chocolate.. that is if i can keep grandpa davids hands out of the drawer..

i hope everyone had a great mothers day.. mine was okay.. but as i was thinking i should thank my children for me being a mom.. they made me have this wonderful unpaid job that is called mom.. if it was a paid job we would still not be paid enough.. i love being a mom and a wife.. but there are times i love being alone too.. well alot of times when i am the referee to my kids fighting.. but that is the way of life.. i know me and my sisters we fought alot and that is just the way you are when you are a kid i guess.. well happy mothers day..gotta go watch greys anatomy tonight... can't wait..the best show on tv!!!!

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heather said...

Yes, we used to fight a lot... So remember that when you are refereeing (or however you spell that word) Cole and Jameson.. I'm glad we both got to watch Grey's Anatomy tonight and I will for sure come see you tomorrow! Oh and the blog that you posted yesterday on Mother's Day, that was very sweet. It makes me have so much to look forward to one day! Mama really appreciated you writing that too! It made us ALL cry! I just wanted to tell you I love you! Hope you had a great Mother's Day! See you tomorrow!!