Wednesday, January 24, 2007

If you got a tattoo, what kind would you get and where would you put it?

tommy lee has a tattoo on his wrist.. it is of his childrens names they have written themselves.. i am going to do this.. maybe not as big as his but i want to.. and when jameson is able to write her own name then i would do hers too.. i have always wanted a tattoo..i even went to get one one day and i could not find the one i wanted.. i love suns so i was going to get a sun one time.. but couldn't find the right one.. glad i didn't now.. but i am with my childrens names.. i think that is something i would love in the next 5 years and forever.. something that will bring me back to when they were in the younger ages of there life and starting to write.. no color just black.. what do you think?

grandma is doing good she came out of surgery and is doing better.. this is going to be a long recovery but with your prayers and mine i know she will be able to do the things in life she really enjoys doing.. she is a big influence in this community.. so i know she will do all the things she loves when she does this rehab.. please keep her in your prayers as she continues to do the rehab and the recovery..

later dawgs

Monday, January 22, 2007

favorite places we like to shop and why you keep going back to this store

my favorite store of course is memories and more.. the scrapbook store here in my town.. i have gotten to love the women that work there and they have become some of my good friends.. i enjoy going to midnight crops.. i also do alot of shopping there also.. i enter there contests every month for store credit.. we also have a secret sister that i have joined this year for the first time.. i used to just shop there but now i go there to hang out sometimes when i am in town.. there is always someone there to talk to.. the people that own the store are down to earth people and they treat you not just like a costumer but also as a friend.. you just can't get any better than that.. so if you are in town come by you will probably see me there..

later dawgs

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Challenge~ What is your top 5 favorite restaurant that you like to go to?

top 5

1. any good sushi is good for me.. it is hard to find sushi around here..
2. carrabba's- better than olive garden. really good italian food
3. reedy creek- used to work there and to me they have the best steaks.
4. i love TG fridays but there is none around here
5.. gotta be varsity..if you aren't a ga fan then you just don't know what
i am talking about..
6 spankys is one of my all time favs too
7 panera bread.. i love there sandwiches and soups and there breads..
8 outback is awesome too..
9 california pizza kitchen is really good too.. don't have those either around
here but i still love there food.
10..chillis is good too.. they make good mixed drinks there also.

good food good times..

later dawgs

Do you still keep in contact with friends you hung out with in High school?

i still have a dear friend christy that i knew from middle school.. we weren't the best of friends but we were friends.. now we are the best of friends. she has been there for the births of my children. we even went to our 10 year reunion where i connected with david, my husband now.. we went to high school together and knew each other but never dated in high school.. we have been together since the reunion... we live in the same town we went to high school also.. i didn't live in jesup the whole high school year so i knew people and i didn't know some of them.. i still talk to most of the people i went to high school with and i also see there kids now at the schools that my kids go to..

Thursday, January 18, 2007

List your fave musical artists from 1 thru 10

1... Coldplay- do i need to say more?
2. Radiohead- one of my favs is creep
3.. Madonna grew up listening and still do.. Caught up..
4....Josh Groban- kind of silly but love his voice especially ava maria
5... U2 still great after all these years.. vertigo and one.
6.. Otis Redding.. well i do have to spice it up
7... The Killers.. oh gosh i love them..
8... Keith Urban.. just listen to his music and take it in..
9.. The Cure i love 80's music.
10.. Depeech Mode.. yeah still good..

these are my all favs i can listen to there music over and over again and not get tired of it.. and i do.. yeah i could add more but the list would be long.. i might have missed one but these are the ones i go back to. so if you get any free tickets in the future to these groups please take me.. especially to coldplay. i think i would have my finger nail taken off to see them.. or radiohead they are coming out with a new album this year i am really looking forward to that..

music makes me feel good on those bad days.. so listening to any of these get me going..

later dawgs

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

some layouts

i have had a little time this week to do these... i love the one of david and i.. that is my favorite so far.. it is a love letter to him.. the other one is of cole..

i am going to be away from the computer the rest of the week.. going to be with grandma for the next couple of days, helping out as much as i can..please keep her in your prayers... these next days are going to be busy for us..

Monday, January 15, 2007

my word THANKFUL

i visit ali edwards blog everyday. she gives me the inspiration i need in this world. check it out in blogs i love. so she has challenges every week.. one little word.. mine is THANKFUL. last month i was listening to oprah on xm radio and she said she had a journal just for what she is thankful for. so this year for one of my ideas is to do a journal for what i am thankful for. so now i have a journal and also i am going to use my one little word in ali's challenge. i am so thankful for all that god has provided for me. i take for granted how much of a wonderful god we truely have. i am thankful for the wonderful smiles my children give me. what a wonderful gift. the giggles when i tickle my ticklish kids. the love they give me. wow didn't know how wonderful that was. the amazing family i have. i have a wonderful marriage that i always wanted. he makes me laugh and makes me very happy. thankful i can live in this beautiful house that i truely have fallen in love with. i am thankful i have a great relationship with my in loves. (in laws).. i am thankful for the wonderful friends i have and especially christy... wow what a wonderful woman she is.. i miss you girl.. i am finally getting my prayers answered and for that i am grateful and thankful for.. my parents for giving me siblings.. i love each of them dearly... i have a great relationship with my sisters and for that i am thankful for. so this week think about what makes you thankful.. or just jot down what your one little word is.. or go to ali's website.. you will truely find inspiration there...

love you all

What object in your home that you posses, that you absolutely love? Blog about it.. about something you have that has special meaning to you.

i don't posses anything.... i enjoy looking at some of my favorite things. mostly are my pictures and my scrapbooks. i also have a doll that my grandma thomas got me when i was a child.. it is now in jameson's room on her mantel. i also have my great grandma porterfields dishes that i cherish. they are in a box for right now because i don't have a china cabinet to place them in. that is the next piece of furniture we are getting. i love my china and i can't wait to place it in sight, when i look at those china pieces it brings me back to good memories of grandma making her favorite dishs. loved her fried chicken and mashed potatoes and the best of all her green beans. good memories for me.

also in jamesons room there is the big frame with her first year pictures.. it was very expensive for us to get those pictures taken but i will not ever regret them. now i have them forever to cherish. and the frame is even more prettier on the wall then i thought it would be at the frame store. just love it. i didn't get those pictures taken of cole when he was smaller but i do have some of him that i also cherish.

and also my scrapbook room.. this is my place to get away and do what i love.. where i create my art. i got a small tv in here and a table for the kids to do there art or just do the playdough thing. which is all over the place. but they know they can come in here and create also.

grandma is in the hospital she feel yesterday so i will be pretty busy this week.. i am hoping i can still blog but if not i will be back soon. please put davids grandma martha jean in your prayers. this is going to be a long journey for us.. she is going to have surgery and a lot of physical therapy. she has become a very special person to me and i just hope that she gets back on her feet.. she is not the kind of person that likes to lay around.. she is a very active person. so please keep her in your prayers..

later dawgs

not long till lost is back.. stop counting weeks now counting days down 23

Sunday, January 14, 2007

What is something you've always wanted to do in your life?

i have always wanted to sky dive. yeah i used to be a thrill seeker. me and christy always said we were going to do it. and i probably will one day. i have also wanted to travel all over the united states to see this wonderful country. traveling is what i really want to do, there are so many things in life we all miss out on because we don't travel. i also have always wanted to go to disney world. yeah i have never been that i can remember. well except when i went on grad night which doesn't count because it was so crowded you can't really have a good time. and i didn't ride anything either. and not enough time either.

i also want to go to a creative keepsakes university.. i have never been and i am going on of these years. if you don't know what that is it is a scrapbook magazine that goes around the world and has these classes all weekend. really cool. i would love to meet some of my favorite scrapbook artist. my fav is ali edwards. she is such and inspiration to me.

my journey in life is my children anything to see them smile and happy is something i want. it doesn't matter what it is. having a good time with them is priceless. and they will remember those good times when they get older.

later gators

Saturday, January 13, 2007

what is your fave comfort food?

i Love soup.. any kind of soup..chicken, vegetable, dumplings, chilli, and tomato are some of my favs. i like chicken when i don't feel good. and the kids like tomato cause david makes grilled cheese with tomato and i have to say david does make a killer grilled cheese..

i love food, there are so many foods i love but during the winter i like to cook soup. i cook all kinds and then i freeze the rest and have it for dinner on another night. so those nights i don't want to cook i pull out soup..

so this weekend gonna try to do some scrapbooking. gotta a design team i want to enter into. but also i need your prayers right now. i am going through something i just don't know how to handle. i am trying to make a good choice about my decisions but not sure what to do. yet..
also keep my best friend christy in your prayers too. i miss her so very much since she has gone to cali for school and i know she is having a hard time being apart from her boyfriend. i can't wait till she is home for good..

later dawgs

Friday, January 12, 2007

What are you listening to lately?

i love love love music. when i am at work i listen to podcast and my music on my ipod. if it wasn't for music i would go crazy at work. music makes the day go by faster and i get alot of work done in the process.
what is on my ipod.. well i have about 1500 songs on there. some are

radiohead- oh i love this music
cary brothers
dashboard confessional
the fray
gwen stefani
jack johnson
rob thomas- love his music gets me going

i like a variety of music but these i can listen to all the time and never get tired of listening to there music.. my ultimate favorite is probably coldplay. it makes me just feel good.. rob thomas makes me wanna just jump up and down and shake it.. gwen well what can i say.. she is just awesome. love her music.
have a great friday..

later dawgs

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

What are you looking forward to this coming year?

yesterday was not a good post for me.. i am not much into valentines at all.. i usually ask for roses to plant in the yard... david and i just don't do the valentines thing.. and yesterday was about what you wanted for valentines day.. that is why i didn't post yesterday..

not sure what i am looking forward to this year. i really want to improve myself this year... and every first of the year i think about how much cole and jameson are going to grow up in the next year. and how much i need to let it all in and take it all in...there not small very long..

i am looking forward to hopefully getting a house of our own. hopefully.. i hope this year is better than last year.. don't we all wish that?

later dawgs

Monday, January 08, 2007

If you have set a scrapbooking resolution what is it? How is your resolution going?

no resoulutions for me, they never stick.. i am going to work harder in making more layouts and do more challenges. i find that those things are fun and i get layouts done easier that way when i am challenged. i have done a few layouts and am working on more to come. i thought doing this blog with the questions on the 2peas website would be challenging enough. i enjoy the questions and i know this is a good way to meet new scrapbook people in the world. i go and post my blog address and then check out everyone elses that they have posted. it is really fun and interesting what there opinions are.

things are kind of slow here i have had some kind of stomach virus so not feeling up to anything.. so feeling better today.. pepto really did help alot. i am trying to get jamesons invitations made and send those out. i hope.

later dawgs

Sunday, January 07, 2007

What do you think of all the Reality shows on tv?

this is gonna be short.. not feeling well today.

i think it is taken way over the top.. some of them are okay and some of them are just plain out stupid..the orginal reality shows that are still on i watch.. but most of them i just don't watch anymore. it is kind of old don't you think. i like survivor, the amazing race, and real world.. oh and big brother.. so addicted to that one in the summer time. i love drama so i am sticking to that instead of reality tv..


Saturday, January 06, 2007

fIf you have a favorite flower. What is this flower and explain why its your favorite.

favorite flower, i love so many.. tulip. i love tulips i love the sweet smell of them in the house in the spring. i love how they look so delicate to touch and so simple to look at. when they come into season i try to get some for the house, they do last a good while so i can enjoy them probably longer than i can a rose. when david and i were dating he sent me a vase full of tulips and other flowers. his favorite flower is tulips too. i also like the lily that is in the bulb family too. it is kind of similar but not the same.

others that i really love are roses, pink dogwoods, hydrangaes, japanese maganolia, bird of paradise and more.. i really do love flowers so it is hard to choose.

you can't go wrong with flowers though. i don't get many from david but it is alright they die anyway. usually for valentines day i ask for a planted rose so i can look at the roses all year long.

have a great weekend..
later dawgs

Friday, January 05, 2007

What is one craft you wish you could learn in 2007?

One craft.. do i have time? i wish i could doodle. i just can't doodle or draw. i used to draw trees all the time but now that i have gotten older i can't draw nothing.. i can't write either. my handwriting is aweful but i handwrite on my layouts for the history of it. one day the kids will enjoy my handwritten thoughts.. or at least i hope they do.. i love my sister rachael's handwriting. wish i had her handwriting qualities. then maybe i could doodle. i am not much into others crafts, or i just don't have time to do other crafts. i used to cross stitch but i have a hard time with my hands so have to use my hands for more important things now.

later dawgs.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

If you have/had any pets in your life. How did you decide on their names?

i decided on my english bulldog when i got her. ronald regan had died right about the time i got her and just decided to name her regan after him.. pretty simple and the kids liked the name too. she really doesn't look like a regan but it just stuck. love her to pieces.. i really like it when everyone is asleep and she follows me everywhere in the house.. and when she gets tired of following me around she is usually in coles room sleeping with him.. i think i will always have a english bulldawg they have this unusual personality. and they are protective of you also.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

What is one thing you wish you could relive or do over from your school days?

i love this one.. i would not have moved schools so much.. but i don't think i had much say so in that one. well i kind of did when i moved back and forth from dad's to mom's. but i should have stayed at wayne county the whole 4 years. i would have gotten to know more of the people i graduated with.. i might have even known my husband a little more. maybe have even dated him if the stars were right... christy has been my best friend after we graduated but we knew each other since middle school so maybe we had been closer friends in school..i would have tried harder at my grades and not messed around and found school not as importand as boys. gosh i am not looking forward to jameson being in high school...i wasn't a bad kid in school i never go in trouble i just liked boys.. still do.. just one now... i also would worked harder in playing softball.. i always felt like i was not good enough to play but i loved playing soft ball..

so what would you change?

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

If i could travel to one special place where would that be?

my favorite website has blog challenges everyday so i thought i would do this and try it out when i really don't have much to talk about.. kind of slow here.

so if i could travel anywhere i would go to Europe. travel all over. i have always wanted to go to Venice Italy. i love how they are on top of water living and traveling in those gondalas. i find that very interesting. there steps drop off to the water.

of course Paris.. just an amazing place on tv and in books. i just can't imaging how beautiful it would be in real life. i know the french aren't very nice but who is these days. and i can't speak french. so i am in a win win situation there.

and i have always wanted to go to the holland. love the tulips and the wooden shoes that look so uncomfortable. i would also like to go to coppenhagen. i like hans christan anderson stories, yeah that sounds kind of crazy but i was in a school play and we did the one of his stories.

so a little about where i would love to would take about a month to travel around europe. that is on my all time list to go to.

later dawgs