Saturday, January 20, 2007

Challenge~ What is your top 5 favorite restaurant that you like to go to?

top 5

1. any good sushi is good for me.. it is hard to find sushi around here..
2. carrabba's- better than olive garden. really good italian food
3. reedy creek- used to work there and to me they have the best steaks.
4. i love TG fridays but there is none around here
5.. gotta be varsity..if you aren't a ga fan then you just don't know what
i am talking about..
6 spankys is one of my all time favs too
7 panera bread.. i love there sandwiches and soups and there breads..
8 outback is awesome too..
9 california pizza kitchen is really good too.. don't have those either around
here but i still love there food.
10..chillis is good too.. they make good mixed drinks there also.

good food good times..

later dawgs

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