Wednesday, May 28, 2008


sorry i haven't posted since saturday.. been under the weather with a sinus infection (i think).. just not feeling good at all the past few days.. so my memorial day was in the bed while the kids and David went swimming and grilling out at Richard and Lillians.. at least today my ears aren't popping..okay enough of that..feeling much better today

well i did get good news sunday i made it to round 4.. and boy and i stumped on this one.. you have to get inspiraton from a piece of art.. so working on something from georgia o'keeffe.. will post next week with that layout..
i will probably post some layouts i have done later this week.. today i am going to post some photos from this weekend.. pictures david took of the kids..

also if you are reading this and you don't have my new email please send me a response.. at i am having a real hard time with my internet service.. so they would not let me keep my last email..and then it wiped out some of my addresses.. sorry about the problem.. i did get another email at just in case this happens again..

if you want any of my photos you can email me and i can send them to you with out the wording.. i don't want someone copying my photos or layouts without permission.. heard alot of people that are having problems with this.. so if you have a blog you might want to copyright yours also..

Saturday, May 24, 2008


ivy is teething.. and not sleeping.. she is not doing well with the teething thing.. giving her motrin and tylenol and those teething tablets.. nothing is helping her.. she won't even sleep in your her crib.. she is just so miserable.. she will only sleep in my lap or on my shoulder..

okay two more layouts that i can show you..
one of jameson with a flower she picked it out of the yard for me the day before mothers day.. sometimes i could just squeeze her and sometimes like right now after she broke something i could well i won't say it.. she just broke my angel family that Richard and Lillian gave me for christmas.. something i really cherish.. i hope i can mend it back together..

Had to put a some sort of copyright on my photos so they won't be distrubted.. one of my friends found something from her blog onto someone elses.. so gotta put my signature on everything now..

later dawgs

Friday, May 23, 2008


some layouts...

cupcake card did this for the gauntlet from round 2.. don't know why but i love cupcake stuff right now

big hugs it is so hard to find boy paper.. found this and i instantly thought of cole... gotta get more of that robot paper..

so sweet... i am doing all of these photos for ivys book.. i just can't stand the thought of them not being in her album..

last day of school for Cole.. so he is excited..

so everything is going to be chaotic for a while until i and the kids get into a schedule.. i did enroll them in the library program.. Jameson got her a library card this year and checked out books for the first time yesterday..

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Jameson graduated from School of Discovery Tuesday night.. so many of our family made it to the ceremony.. thank you all that came.. Jameson did not want to wear the cap and gown but Cole convienced her if she would wear it Grandpa would take them out for ice cream.. It worked.. so here are some photos of her graduation ceremony.. and her teacher Ms Deanne..

So happy that my bf Christy passed her RN boards.. so YEAH!!!!! she didn't think she did very good. but i knew she did..

Last week was Lillians last radioation.. so happy that all of the driving and the no energy and the no taste.. i hope all of that comes back.. i can't wait when it does..

Ivy went to the dr today and she is 15 pounds and 12 ozs.. she is normal weight and height.. she is so chunky thought she would be over but she isn't.. she is starting to grab for everything now..

and she likes to sing too.. we went to church sunday and the piano was playing and she started singing.. pretty funny sight..

Yeah for David Cook.. so happy he won.. i tried so hard to call his numbers but could not get through.. didn't think he would win.. can't wait to see what his album will be like..

Tomorrow i will probably post some layouts.. been very creative these past few weeks.. i can't sleep sometimes because i have so many ideas running through my head.. and i made it to round 3 of the gauntlet so gotta get going on my next project..

later dawgs

Friday, May 16, 2008


maybe some layouts for this week.. i made it to the next round and so the lost layout is the one i submitted.. had to make a card this week.. i can't post it until next week... we will see.. and the shadow box is something i made a couple of weeks ago.. i made several of these shadow boxes just didn't take any photos of them all..

Jameson graduates from School of Discovery on tuesday night.. at 6:30.. it should be fun to see my little girl in a little cap and gown.. then school is over for the summer... Friday is Coles last day of school.. so looking forward to the summer..
later dawgs.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers day

Happy MOthers day to all the moms.. my mom, Sandy, Lillian, Grandma , Mo, Jennifer, Wendy(not thier birth mom but a mom).. and to all my pea mom friends.. hope everyone has a great Mothers day..

David brought home some beautiful flowers... and a sweet card.. Jameson she went all out this year.. she planted me a flower and colored the pot.. love it.. gave me a picture of her from school and decorated the frame.. and this morning she didn't forget what today was.. she is so sweet.. Cole hasn't made it home yet he is at his dads this weekend.. he has been busy with school ending.. Thursday was annual day and Friday was field day.. parents weren't invited.. so don't have any photos.. but i do have some i took yesterday outside of the girls..

I entered a contest a couple of weeks ago.. i got to the first round and tomorrow i find out if i make it to the second round.. i haven't posted my layout but i will after i find out tomorrow.. wish me luck...

later everyone..

Saturday, May 10, 2008

new births around the farm

got some new kittens a couple of weeks ago.. there are three black ones.. they just started to peak over the bucket we have them in.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Three layouts for today.. will add more this week.. Ivy is teething and irritable so my time is very limited this week.. I have to do a challenge layout this week.. don't know if i can post it but it is very interesting.. hope i can make it to the next round.. will update on that next week when i find out on Monday..

I just had a talk with david he was telling me about a girl at work that is going through alot.. don't know if i should say her name but she is a woman my age and has 2 kids that her husband left and took the kids.. she moved here to jesup to be near them and still doesn't have custody of them.. keep her in your thoughts and prayers please..
also a family at our church was in a bad car wreck the mother and the child are going through alot right now and need our prayers too..
my dad.. love this photo of him.. and the swirls don't look that pretty on the photo but it is a glass bead that looks kind of like water..
Jameson at the strawberry patch..
and of course sweet Ivy i just love love love this layout.. i really wish i had a shadow box that large to frame this one.. i love these b & w photos of her..
have a great day
go dawgs.
My friend Pat had this on the message board and i felt like i needed to post this on my blog too..
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