Thursday, May 22, 2008


Jameson graduated from School of Discovery Tuesday night.. so many of our family made it to the ceremony.. thank you all that came.. Jameson did not want to wear the cap and gown but Cole convienced her if she would wear it Grandpa would take them out for ice cream.. It worked.. so here are some photos of her graduation ceremony.. and her teacher Ms Deanne..

So happy that my bf Christy passed her RN boards.. so YEAH!!!!! she didn't think she did very good. but i knew she did..

Last week was Lillians last radioation.. so happy that all of the driving and the no energy and the no taste.. i hope all of that comes back.. i can't wait when it does..

Ivy went to the dr today and she is 15 pounds and 12 ozs.. she is normal weight and height.. she is so chunky thought she would be over but she isn't.. she is starting to grab for everything now..

and she likes to sing too.. we went to church sunday and the piano was playing and she started singing.. pretty funny sight..

Yeah for David Cook.. so happy he won.. i tried so hard to call his numbers but could not get through.. didn't think he would win.. can't wait to see what his album will be like..

Tomorrow i will probably post some layouts.. been very creative these past few weeks.. i can't sleep sometimes because i have so many ideas running through my head.. and i made it to round 3 of the gauntlet so gotta get going on my next project..

later dawgs


Pat said...

Tonya she looks so cute in her cap & gown! Sounds like Ivy is growing like a weed. Can't wait to see what you come up with for the gauntlet.

Sarah C. said...

Tonya, Jameson is so cute! Great photos. Continued prayers for your MIL! :)

Mamo and Pappy said...

Love the pictures Sure missed going to dinner with ya'll last night.