Friday, May 16, 2008


maybe some layouts for this week.. i made it to the next round and so the lost layout is the one i submitted.. had to make a card this week.. i can't post it until next week... we will see.. and the shadow box is something i made a couple of weeks ago.. i made several of these shadow boxes just didn't take any photos of them all..

Jameson graduates from School of Discovery on tuesday night.. at 6:30.. it should be fun to see my little girl in a little cap and gown.. then school is over for the summer... Friday is Coles last day of school.. so looking forward to the summer..
later dawgs.

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Sarah C. said...

Beautiful layouts! And love the shadowbox! I saw one of those at Michael's yesterday and hesitated, but didn't get it. Now I'm thinking I should go back. Hmm....