Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers day

Happy MOthers day to all the moms.. my mom, Sandy, Lillian, Grandma , Mo, Jennifer, Wendy(not thier birth mom but a mom).. and to all my pea mom friends.. hope everyone has a great Mothers day..

David brought home some beautiful flowers... and a sweet card.. Jameson she went all out this year.. she planted me a flower and colored the pot.. love it.. gave me a picture of her from school and decorated the frame.. and this morning she didn't forget what today was.. she is so sweet.. Cole hasn't made it home yet he is at his dads this weekend.. he has been busy with school ending.. Thursday was annual day and Friday was field day.. parents weren't invited.. so don't have any photos.. but i do have some i took yesterday outside of the girls..

I entered a contest a couple of weeks ago.. i got to the first round and tomorrow i find out if i make it to the second round.. i haven't posted my layout but i will after i find out tomorrow.. wish me luck...

later everyone..

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Pat said...

Happy mother's day Tonya! Your MIL is in my prayers. And good luck with the gauntlet. {{{HUGS}}}