Friday, February 26, 2010


i am finally back.. been making so many things.. so here they come..i have added some cards into The leftovers.. my store so these will also be in the store for purchase. i have been so motivated to create and hope i can get a lot more done tonight.. with a glass of wine included. and some John Mayer playing in the back ground.
I **heart** owls..
This is Gracie and that sweet little smile.. i love this expression. she's just the sweetest..
glad Sandy got these perfect photos of the kids.. i love these.. you will see more of these
and Ivy always wearing some kind of shoe.. and most of the time it isn't hers.. she loves wearing shoes.. the bigger the better..

have a great friday night everyone.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


i made some thing for my sketch world there are 20 sketches to do.. so i got so inspired.. and i needed some card sketches for my etsy store.. here are the 3 i finished..

also what do you think of the new background and banner.. i love it.. hope you all do too..

Friday, February 19, 2010


a few things i have been working on..i cleared my etsy store and am giving away all my cards to the crop that is coming up March 20-21st for The Mosy Scrapper.. so stay tuned for more new cards in my leftovers store.. tomorrow is suppose to be pretty outside. i plan on taking pictures of the kids. i haven't taken any for the new year. it's been either raining or cold..

Have a blessed weekend everyone.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


my life right now is pretty busy..i guess cause i am in a better place with myself and my family. Me and David went on a date saturday night to see John Mayer in concert.. he rocked the house.. and i think i have a huge crush on him now.. something about a man and a red guitar.. if you know what i mean.. we had a blast.. and i felt so special with him.. it's amazing what a date will do for your marriage.. so i say more dates..
and motivation to scrap isn't there lately.. but i am really trying..
i did a few things for The Mosy Scrapper and next month is the online crop that i am really looking forward to.. i will give you all the info coming soon.. i will keep the date on the side and the link..i hope to see some new people there..

here is some recent stuff i have done for TMS..

Have a blessed day.