Wednesday, February 10, 2010


my life right now is pretty busy..i guess cause i am in a better place with myself and my family. Me and David went on a date saturday night to see John Mayer in concert.. he rocked the house.. and i think i have a huge crush on him now.. something about a man and a red guitar.. if you know what i mean.. we had a blast.. and i felt so special with him.. it's amazing what a date will do for your marriage.. so i say more dates..
and motivation to scrap isn't there lately.. but i am really trying..
i did a few things for The Mosy Scrapper and next month is the online crop that i am really looking forward to.. i will give you all the info coming soon.. i will keep the date on the side and the link..i hope to see some new people there..

here is some recent stuff i have done for TMS..

Have a blessed day.


Amy W. said...

so glad you got to have a date night. :)

love these layouts, as usual! i'm working on finding my mojo as well, we will get there. ;)

Sarah C. said...

Glad things are doing better. A date night is always a plus. :) Beautiful layouts.

Jessica said...

John Mayer..mmmmmm

i think your pgs. look fantastic! i have zero interest in scrapping these days...too busy also.

enjoy your date nights!

Tere said...

Amazing pages Tonya.

I'm a believer of special date with our Dh's.
No kids, just the 2 of us...
glad your date was fabulos!

Diana said...

Tonya date nights are wonderful, I am a firm believer that everyone needs time out from the kids. Couples need me time. Make sure you do it more often. I'm glad things are looking brighter.

I love all these LO, I can't believe how big Ivy is, time flies.

janet said...

Glad you had such a good time at the concert! Date nights are wonderful! (no matter what you do!)
Love the layouts! I always love seeing your work!
Have a great Valentines Day!