Wednesday, January 27, 2010


yeah yeah yeah.. i know i need to update my blog..
Our whole house has been infested with the stomach virus..i even think my dog reagan got it. won't go into all the details with everyone.. it just was a pretty bad virus. so i have been disinfecting the house.

i got some things done recently so here is what i did..
i made a little one word album.. accept is my word for this are a few pages from it.. enjoy.

i will hopefully be back this week to keep updating on things..
i have a few things i have to do for my etsy store.. trying to get some new things in my store..

later everyone.


Amy W. said...

love this word album. i need to get mine done. =}

can't wait to see what you put in your shop!

debevans said...

Cute! Hope everyone is feeling better...glad you're back :)