Friday, February 26, 2010


i am finally back.. been making so many things.. so here they come..i have added some cards into The leftovers.. my store so these will also be in the store for purchase. i have been so motivated to create and hope i can get a lot more done tonight.. with a glass of wine included. and some John Mayer playing in the back ground.
I **heart** owls..
This is Gracie and that sweet little smile.. i love this expression. she's just the sweetest..
glad Sandy got these perfect photos of the kids.. i love these.. you will see more of these
and Ivy always wearing some kind of shoe.. and most of the time it isn't hers.. she loves wearing shoes.. the bigger the better..

have a great friday night everyone.


Amy Wilges said...

lovin' this stuff! great inspiration. you have the cutest kiddos (and niece, too)! love the cards! :)

Amooretto said...

I love seeing your creations! Glad that your mojo is back and good job in the shop!

sarah said...

you've got some GORGEOUS things going on over here!!! I LOVE IT ALL! :)

hopefully you get more done tonight!


victoriah789 said...

You do such a wonderful job. I can look at the pictures of your creations and I can tell you are talented. They are beautiful! Do you make scrapbook pages to sell to other people?

Julie said...

wow, I love all of it. You work is so unique and you have such great style. Always love seeing it, glad you were able to get some mojo back

Diana said...

WOW Tonia these project are all amazing. I love your work.