Friday, May 23, 2008


some layouts...

cupcake card did this for the gauntlet from round 2.. don't know why but i love cupcake stuff right now

big hugs it is so hard to find boy paper.. found this and i instantly thought of cole... gotta get more of that robot paper..

so sweet... i am doing all of these photos for ivys book.. i just can't stand the thought of them not being in her album..

last day of school for Cole.. so he is excited..

so everything is going to be chaotic for a while until i and the kids get into a schedule.. i did enroll them in the library program.. Jameson got her a library card this year and checked out books for the first time yesterday..

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Anonymous said...

Tonya, I thought I would take a peek at your blog! Im loving that cupcake card! So cute with the sparklies. WOnderful pics of your DD in her grad outfit...Save that pic to scrap when she's doing the REAL thing like my DD!! Seems like just yesterday my Sadie was your DD's age. BTW Very nice blog..Im thinking of getting on the blog bandwagon, not sure yet. Lori K