Saturday, May 24, 2008


ivy is teething.. and not sleeping.. she is not doing well with the teething thing.. giving her motrin and tylenol and those teething tablets.. nothing is helping her.. she won't even sleep in your her crib.. she is just so miserable.. she will only sleep in my lap or on my shoulder..

okay two more layouts that i can show you..
one of jameson with a flower she picked it out of the yard for me the day before mothers day.. sometimes i could just squeeze her and sometimes like right now after she broke something i could well i won't say it.. she just broke my angel family that Richard and Lillian gave me for christmas.. something i really cherish.. i hope i can mend it back together..

Had to put a some sort of copyright on my photos so they won't be distrubted.. one of my friends found something from her blog onto someone elses.. so gotta put my signature on everything now..

later dawgs


Kim said...

Love your layouts.... our styles are similar :)
I added a link to your blog on mine :)

Jennifer said...

Hi - I clicked over from Triple the Sketch - I was reading the comments and saw you were from Jesup. I live in Dallas (west of Atlanta), and MANY moons ago, I actually dated a guy from Jesup. So I had to come say hi. I like your layouts, and your kids are really cute!