Wednesday, May 28, 2008


sorry i haven't posted since saturday.. been under the weather with a sinus infection (i think).. just not feeling good at all the past few days.. so my memorial day was in the bed while the kids and David went swimming and grilling out at Richard and Lillians.. at least today my ears aren't popping..okay enough of that..feeling much better today

well i did get good news sunday i made it to round 4.. and boy and i stumped on this one.. you have to get inspiraton from a piece of art.. so working on something from georgia o'keeffe.. will post next week with that layout..
i will probably post some layouts i have done later this week.. today i am going to post some photos from this weekend.. pictures david took of the kids..

also if you are reading this and you don't have my new email please send me a response.. at i am having a real hard time with my internet service.. so they would not let me keep my last email..and then it wiped out some of my addresses.. sorry about the problem.. i did get another email at just in case this happens again..

if you want any of my photos you can email me and i can send them to you with out the wording.. i don't want someone copying my photos or layouts without permission.. heard alot of people that are having problems with this.. so if you have a blog you might want to copyright yours also..


Sarah C. said...

Cute photos! Sorry you were under the weather. Glad to hear you are improving now. ((HUGS))

Pat said...

Tonya hope your feeling better today! Great photos. And good luck for round 4. Thanks for the tip about the copyright, I need to start doing that.