Sunday, June 01, 2008


i am waiting on the result for the gauntlet this morning.. i really don't think i will make it but i did my best and that is all i can ask for.. there was alot of great layouts so i would not be upset at all.. okay moving on...

Ivy is keeping me up alot at night.. today i feel like a zombie.. i think i got maybe 5 hours last night.. tylenol and motrin is not helping her realive the pain from her teeth.. and all she wants me to do is hold her.. and that is hard for momma to do when she is completely exhausted.. so today i hope when david gets up i can rest a little before we go to grandmas for her birthday dinner..

here are some more layouts i have done.. i will post my gauntlet one sometime this week..

later everyone


Pat said...

Whoohoo tonya!!! You made it to round 5, contrags! And I love your pages, they are beautiful!

Sarah C. said...

Tonya, those pages are beautiful! I'm going to take a cue from Pat's post that you've made it on - congrats!

Hope Ivy gets some relief soon so you can enjoy a bit of sleep.