Monday, January 15, 2007

my word THANKFUL

i visit ali edwards blog everyday. she gives me the inspiration i need in this world. check it out in blogs i love. so she has challenges every week.. one little word.. mine is THANKFUL. last month i was listening to oprah on xm radio and she said she had a journal just for what she is thankful for. so this year for one of my ideas is to do a journal for what i am thankful for. so now i have a journal and also i am going to use my one little word in ali's challenge. i am so thankful for all that god has provided for me. i take for granted how much of a wonderful god we truely have. i am thankful for the wonderful smiles my children give me. what a wonderful gift. the giggles when i tickle my ticklish kids. the love they give me. wow didn't know how wonderful that was. the amazing family i have. i have a wonderful marriage that i always wanted. he makes me laugh and makes me very happy. thankful i can live in this beautiful house that i truely have fallen in love with. i am thankful i have a great relationship with my in loves. (in laws).. i am thankful for the wonderful friends i have and especially christy... wow what a wonderful woman she is.. i miss you girl.. i am finally getting my prayers answered and for that i am grateful and thankful for.. my parents for giving me siblings.. i love each of them dearly... i have a great relationship with my sisters and for that i am thankful for. so this week think about what makes you thankful.. or just jot down what your one little word is.. or go to ali's website.. you will truely find inspiration there...

love you all

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